New York, NY (December 5, 2016) – BookBub has selected Wayne Allyn Root’s prescient book, Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class, for special promotion from December 14th through December 20th.

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Root is a bestselling author, former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, media personality, TV producer, conservative talk radio sensation, syndicated conservative columnist, and a fiery, charismatic, high-energy, in-your-face President-elect Donald Trump supporter. Root was opening speaker at many Trump events during the 2016 campaign and represented Trump in 1500 TV and radio interviews, including 10 foreign countries.

Angry White Male is the story of the powerful revolution still happening in American politics. Early on, Root declared 2016 the year of the “Angry White Male” – a demographic he called “the soccer moms of the 2016 election.” Root eloquently tells their story, and his own.

Angry White Male BOOK COVER

Early in life, Root and millions of Americans like him were taught to believe in the things that made America the greatest nation in world history: God, country, family, American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, the U.S. Constitution, the great American middle class, second amendment rights, the police and military.  President-elect Donald Trump continues to remind us that these values are under vicious, nonstop, over-the-top attack.

In ANGRY WHITE MALE, Root calls it as he sees it – raw, honest, politically incorrect and from the unique vantage point of a blue-collar, middle-class kid who graduated from elite Ivy League Columbia University, where he met the leaders at the center of what Root feels is a conspiracy to damage America and destroy capitalism.  Root reveals the exact game plan designed and taught at Columbia. Root’s college classmate at the time? The future President of the United States Barack Obama.

Root reveals how each specific policy of the past eight years has oppressed, depressed, targeted, persecuted, intimidated and bankrupted the shrinking middle class. Herein, Root provides the playbook to win America back from the liberal Democrats, establishment Republicans, Wall Street titans, Hollywood film moguls, high tech gurus and corporate elite billionaires who were so desperate to stop Trump- Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, the Koch brothers and so many others.


Root tells us why he and his fellow Americans have every right to be angry.  He urges the middle class to take charge before they are legislated, targeted, intimidated and censored out of existence –and thus left penniless, powerless, jobless, feckless and afraid to speak out for fear of being shouted down and labeled a racist… and worse.

About the Author: Wayne Allyn Root is a middle class warrior, capitalist evangelist and conservative BAD ASS.  He is an entrepreneur, media personality, TV producer, syndicated columnist, international business speaker, and radio talk show host. Wayne is the author of several bestselling books including The Ultimate Obama Survival GuideThe Murder of the Middle Class, and The Power of RELENTLESS. He was the 2008 Libertarian VP nominee and has been the opening speaker at many Donald Trump events. He is the Las Vegas Review Journal columnist and a frequent contributor to Fox News, Breitbart, TheBlaze, Newsmax, Forbes, Townhall, and the OpEd pages of the Washington Times and USA Today.

Praise for Wayne Allyn Root

“Wayne Allyn Root knows how to be tenacious and relentless.” —Donald J. TrumpNew York Times bestselling author, chairman of the Trump Organization, and presidential candidate 

“Wayne shows you how to capitalize and prosper through hell.” —Ann Coulter, New York Times bestselling author

“The conservative movement desperately needs someone like Wayne Allyn Root. Dynamic, charismatic, fearless.” —Rita Cosby, Emmy Award–winning TV host, Fox News 

“There is a new sheriff in town and he’s not afraid to speak his mind LOUDLY. Wayne Allyn Root is a living, breathing capitalist evangelist…” —Mike Huckabee, forty-fourth governor of Arkansas, former presidential candidate, and TV host

“Wayne Allyn Root comes out with both guns blazing…the middle class is under relentless assault….(Wayne) identifies villains and puts forth solutions.” —Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media

“Wayne Allyn Root is one of the great conservative thinkers in America…(Wayne) provides the game plan to save the day…” —Bill Cunningham, TV host

“America is in trouble. The middle class is under attack. Wayne Allyn Root leads the charge to protect the American Dream.” —Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times bestselling author and conservative filmmaker

“Wayne Allyn Root is a middle class warrior.” —Jim DeMint, former US senator and president of the Heritage Foundation

“Wayne Allyn Root has a brilliant mind…” —Benjamin S. Carson Sr., MD, New York Times bestselling author and former presidential candidate


Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon Is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class

Skyhorse Publishing hardcover | On Sale: August 23, 2016

ISBN 978-1-5107-1842-5 | $24.99 | 352 pp