Having a column on Thanksgiving Thursday means giving thanks.

First, we’d all be remiss, if we didn’t thank God, America and our lucky stars for the amazing success of Vegas. This town is one-in-a-million. We suffered a terrible mass shooting on October 1st. Every expert I heard predicted an awful downturn for Vegas tourism.

I was a guest on a national show only days after the attack. The host spoke as if he was witnessing a funeral. He and his guests acted as if Vegas might take years to recover, or might never recover. I laughed at him on national TV and reported that flights were full coming into Vegas already- only days after the massacre. I reported my favorite Vegas restaurant (only blocks from Mandalay Bay) was jammed only 3 days after the massacre. The host and his crew looked at me like I was from Mars. 

Well the latest report is in. October set an all-time record! 4.3 million travelers at McCarren. Keep in mind October was the actual month of the attack. Vegas is an amazing place. No none will EVER stop coming! 

Secondly, I have my personal thanks to give. I started a one-hour radio show in Vegas. Today it’s a 3-hour radio show during afternoon drive time. It’s the fastest growing radio show in America- from 1 station to 36 stations across the country in only a few months. In many cities, I’ve replaced legends like Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey and Larry Elder. As Don King would say- “Only in America.” Thank you, Las Vegas- where it all started. And thank you, USA Radio Network.

My radio show has now become a national TV show. Newsmax TV put my show in the primetime position on their conservative TV lineup- at 8 PM ET. Last month over 8000 people tried to call in to speak to me live on the air. They called from all 50 states. What an honor. Thank you, Newsmax TV.

And then there’s this RJ column. It’s my favorite of everything I do. Why? Because I love talking politics with the people of Las Vegas. I think this state is ground zero for the fight to save America, American exceptionalism, economic and personal freedom, capitalism and the U.S. Constitution. 

Afterall, we’re the state that welcomes guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, but bans state income taxes. We’re the state that welcomes gambling, strip clubs and legal marijuana, yet we have more churches per square mile than any city in America. Our billion-dollar casino industry is one of the economic engines of capitalism. And our city Las Vegas is the very symbol of America to people across the globe. 

I believe this unique Vegas mix of capitalism, populism, nationalism, conservative economic beliefs, personal freedom, combined with a streak of Libertarianism, is the future of America and American politics. So, thank you Las Vegas. And thanks to the Las Vegas Review Journal for giving me this platform.

And then there’s President Trump. I give great thanks for the blessing of my president. Obviously, some people can’t stand the man. That includes many establishment Republicans right here in Nevada- including our Governor and U.S. Senator. But I believe they’ve all lost their way. You see, I’ve been a Republican since literally the day I was born. At age three, I was campaigning for Barry Goldwater in my father’s arms.

To me, the definition of why I’m a Republican is lower taxes; smaller government; more power to the people; less power to the DC swamp; cut regulations; cut spending; reduce the debt; honor the police and military; have faith in God; always stand when the national anthem plays; build a wall and secure our border; reduce welfare, food stamps and entitlements; build healthcare around free markets, NOT government; and always “America First.” That means keeping people out of our country who are bad for the economy, or don’t have our best interests in mind. Immigration is fantastic- as long as the immigrants come here legally and want to work and assimilate. No Sharia Law. No welfare for life. Speak English.

President Trump has made all of those principles front and center again. Donald Trump saved my GOP. 

For all of that, I’m grateful this Thanksgiving.