Three terrible terror attacks/mass murders/massacres in a month in America. Vegas  New York. Texas. And liberals immediately demand gun control. What a surprise.

One of the big problems in America today is flawed reasoning by liberals and media elites (I know, I repeat myself). Take “gun free zones.”


In two of these cases (the Las Vegas massacre at Mandalay Bay and the deadliest church shooting in America’s history in Sutherland Springs, Texas), liberals have suggested banning guns, or at the very least, stronger gun control. In the Manhattan terror attack where a car was used as a weapon of mass destruction, some liberals have suggested (drumroll please) banning cars from big cities.


In reality, anyone with common sense can see that all three tragic events have one thing in common- gun free zones. 


Mandalay Bay and all MGM properties are considered “gun free zones” (thanks to the ultra-liberal policies of MGM CEO Jim Murren). Even most guards are disarmed at MGM properties. 


The obvious answer to protecting guests at Vegas hotels and concerts is to surround them with a strong presence of armed (and well trained) guards. Which makes sense since many MGM security employees and executives have anonymously contacted my radio talk show to point out that Jim Murren is always surrounded by armed guards wherever he goes at MGM properties. MGM employees have actually emailed me photos and bios of the armed security staff who protect Murren. 


Why wouldn’t Murren want his guests and staff to have the same level of protection as he does? If guns are needed to protect him, why not the rest of us? If guns are useless and ineffective, why doesn’t Jim Murren disarm his own personal bodyguards?


Let’s move to the terror attack in New York. While that attack didn’t involve guns, it is important to note New York City is a well-known “gun free zone.” It’s no coincidence Islamic terrorists constantly choose New York for so many attacks. They know in a “gun free zone” there is no one to fight back quickly. People will run, hide and shelter, instead of shoot back. That’s the perfect place to plan a terror attack.


Then there’s the deadliest church shooting in America’s history this past Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Are you aware Texas has a law banning guns at churches, synagogues and all other places of worship? That makes any church in Texas a “gun free zone.” Or as I call them “a killing zone.”


The church attendees are as helpless as fish in a barrel. “Gun free zones” are like Vegas-style neon signs advertising “Come on in and start shooting. Everyone here is disarmed and helpless.”


If you want parishioners at church to be safe, disarming them isn’t the answer. Having armed security guards or designated armed (and trained) parishioners is the answer. At best, that is a deterrence to 99% of all potential crime, terrorism, or mass shootings. In a worst case, an armed guard or parishioner can return fire and either scare the attacker away, or shoot the perpetrator dead before it becomes a massacre.


Lastly, liberals conveniently gloss over a few pertinent points about guns. 


First, no amount of gun control would have prevented any of these recent tragic events. Bad guys always find a way to obtain guns illegally. Banning them only leaves good guys helpless with no way to fight back. Gun control does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining illegal guns. Like in Chicago, a city with the nation’s strictest gun control laws, and the highest gun violence and murder rates. Chicago’s citizens and business owners are helpless sitting ducks because of gun control. 


Second, a heroic good guy with a gun chased and shot the madman at the Texas church. That hero was willing to get into a running gun battle with a mass murderer. So a gun in the hands of a hero prevented an even worse tragedy and saved many lives. Guns in the hands of good guys prevent crime and save lives every day in America.


Third, our ally UK is an entire country with no guns. Even most cops aren’t allowed to carry guns in the UK. So, why is violent crime, rape and robbery four times higher than in America?


These are frightening and tragic times. But banning guns and creating “gun free zones” is not the answer. Listening to liberals is not the answer. Taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is not the answer. Those are the problems. 


And that, my friends, is common sense.