Hillary let the cat out of the bag. For once, she told the truth. No lies, no filters, no politically correct editing.

Hillary finally shared her true feelings at a fundraising event in Manhattan on Friday night, with her old pal Barbara Streisand hosting. Just like Mitt Romney exposed his true feelings about “the 47%” at a private fundraiser in 2012.


Hillary said the supporters of Donald Trump belong in a “basket of deplorables.”


This was the real Hillary- raw and unfiltered. She must be taking lessons from Donald Trump.

Of course she now regrets saying it.

Politicians often regret letting their true feelings out. But it’s clear what Hillary meant. Hillary and her supporters despise and disrespect anyone who loves God, country, family & Constitution.


Hillary was talking about me and my friends. I’m Exhibit A for her rant. I’m the author of the new book “ANGRY WHITE MALE.”

It’s my testimony about exactly what millions of angry white males who support Donald Trump believe in…and exactly what liberals like Hillary and Obama think of us…and how they are trying to target us, muzzle us, punish us and destroy us.


Thanks Hillary. We already knew how you felt, but it’s nice to get it out into the open. Now you’re on record. 


That’s the entire point of my book. Everything I love…and millions of conservatives, Christians and patriots love…is under attack from Hillary & Democrats. They resent us. They disrespect us. They want to silence us. They want to financially cripple us (to redistribute our income in the name of “fairness” and “social justice”).


Millions of Trump supporters believe the things that made America great are simple: Faith in God, family, patriotism, American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, Constitution, military and police. But Hillary and Democrats despise those symbols. To them, belief in those symbols makes you…”deplorable.”


Well I’m proud that Hillary and her socialist cabal see me as “deplorable.” Let’s look at who else is in this “basket of deplorables” with me.


Here is a list of my teammates in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”…


*The soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know they are Trump supporters. The latest poll shows Trump winning the military vote by a landslide. Hillary thinks they are “deplorable.”


*Military veterans- these are Americans who were willing to die for our freedoms. Vets were included in that military poll that showed Trump winning by a landslide.


*How about the vets who came home from Iraq and Afghanistan with no arms, or no legs, or both. I’m betting most of them are for Trump too. Does Hillary think they’re “deplorable?”


*How about the children of soldiers who came home in body bags? I guarantee many of them are voting for Trump. These patriots made the ultimate sacrifice- they grew up with no mommy or daddy. But according to Hillary they’re “deplorable.”


*Policemen murdered in the line of duty- like the five killed recently in Dallas, or the three killed recently in Baton Rouge. Most every police officer I meet is voting for Trump.


*The spouses and children of policemen murdered in the line of duty. What if they’re voting for Trump? Are they “deplorable” to Hillary and her supporters?


*Every red-blooded regular church-goer on Sunday mornings in America. We know a large majority of regular church-goers are for Trump.


*A majority of the 28 million small business owners in America. This group will be voting overwhelmingly for Trump. They get up early, work 16 hour days, risk their own money, and create the majority of America’s private sector jobs. But Hillary doesn’t like them very much. She thinks if they vote for Trump they’re “deplorable.”


*According to Hillary’s standards…


Gays are okay….atheists are okay…minority voters are okay…single mothers on welfare and food stamps are okay….Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn and George Clooney are all okay. Those are Hillary’s strongest supporters. They’re with Hillary, so they’re not “deplorable.”


But according to Hillary most every straight, white, Christian male is “deplorable.” That’s because according to every poll “angry white males” are overwhelmingly for Trump.


Why should any of this surprise anyone? The most important chapter in my book “ANGRY WHITE MALE” is about my days at Columbia University, Class of ’83 with my classmate Barack Obama.


I spent four long years getting to know my classmates at Columbia. I spent four years listening to what they really believed in. This was before any of them got famous. No cameras were rolling. They were free to tell the truth. And what did I witness? It was exactly what we heard from Hillary Clinton on Thursday- almost word for word.


My classmates made it clear…they despised conservatives, patriots, capitalists and anyone “ignorant enough” to have a strong faith in God.


But most of all, they despised white, straight, Christian males. To them, we were the symbol of everything wrong about America.


From Hillary’s speech it’s clear nothing has changed. My ultra-liberal classmates have all grown up. But their hatred for American exceptionalism, faith, family, capitalism and of course their favorite scapegoats- white, straight, Christian males- has never changed, or faded. It’s as strong as ever.


Now Hillary is walking back her comment. She says she regrets calling us all “a basket of deplorables.” But it’s too late. We all know your first comment was the raw truth. That was how you really feel about us. The only thing Hillary regrets is that she let the cat out of the bag. For once, she told the truth.


Well I have news for Hillary…


I’m for Donald Trump. And…