Wayne Allyn Root be attending the Presidential debate in Las Vegas as a guest of the Trump campaign.


So Wayne is available on premises at the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV for FNC interviews before or after debate.


Wayne’s views should be of special interest to the media because…


* Wayne is the #1 conservative talk radio host in Las Vegas…


* Wayne is the #1 political columnist in the Las Vegas Review Journal- the largest newspaper in the state. Wayne’s columns appears on the cover of the Nevada section on Sundays and Wednesdays.


* Wayne’s newspaper column is called “Wayne Allyn Root- the Conservative Voice of Nevada.”


*Wayne is the leading Vegas oddsmaker ever- and the only one in history awarded his own 180-pound star on the Las Vegas of Stars (Wayne’s star is on Las Vegas Blvd. in front of Paris Hotel). 


Wayne will provide his prediction on the 2016 election.


Wayne is also available for interviews pre-debate Monday thru Wednesday in Vegas- remember it’s my hometown. 


Wayne has a lot to say- including…


#1) This is Brexit. The media and the pollsters haven’t a clue what’s coming. Trump victory will be convincing and will shock media- just as Brexit did in UK. 


#2) Those who think Hillary already has the election “locked up” are in for the shock of their lives- they are ignoring what Wikileaks has been holding for the very last second. 


Think evidence of criminal “pay for play” that will send Hillary to The Big House, not the White House.


#3) Hillary’s poll numbers are a load of B.S.- Wayne calls her “the Ghost Candidate.” There is no one at her rallies…no one buying her book…no one buying her campaign merchandise. Her support is a mile wide and a 1/2 inch thick. 

The polls only measure support from people sitting by the phone. They don’t measure who will show up on Election Day to vote. Hillary’s voters don’t even like her. There is zero enthusiasm or intensity. They will show up in low numbers on Election Day.


#4) On the other hand, Trump is “the Whisper Candidate.” Everywhere Wayne goes, it’s 5 to 1 on Trump’s side…but no one wants to say it out loud. The masses of Americans whisper to Wayne “I’m with you- I’m for Trump!” Like Brexit, Trump’s voters have had enough. They are angry, motivated and super enthusiastic.


#5) Just like the title of Wayne’s new book, this is THE YEAR OF THE ANGRY WHITE MALE. White working class and middle class voters will come out in record numbers for Trump. Wayne predicts all “the Deplorables” will show up at the polls.


#6) Wayne’s predicts Trump will win the 3rd debate convincingly because he’s a showman…and Vegas is the perfect stage for a high-energy showman. Trump’s energy was made for Vegas. 


#7) The sad thing is that the accusations by women against Trump…Hillary’s crimes…these are all distracting us from the serious news that should be in the headlines…


The U.S. economy is showing signs of an economic disaster. We are headed for a stunning collapse. Wayne is the only TV guest who can speak from “ground zero” as a real honest-to-God Las Vegas small businessman who feels the effects of this Obama economic tragedy.


Retail sales are terrible.


Home values are back on the decline.


GDP is near zero.


There are no middle class jobs. There are only low wage part-time jobs. Wayne calls it “The illegal alien economy.”


Obamacare is busting budgets and bankrupting the middle class.


The deficit just spiked by 34%, despite record tax revenues.


The debt is $20 trillion, just about doubled in 8 years under Obama.


Small businesses are struggling to survive.


Wayne is living proof. He is GROUND ZERO of this Obama economic disaster. He has boots on the ground. 


If you’re wanting Wayne’s opinions pre or post debate, let us know quickly. Wayne’s schedule is intense!