The powerful, corrupt, elite establishment is out to destroy or at least change Donald Trump. Their attacks have been relentless.


It hasn’t worked. Donald is the anti-politician fighting for America’s working and middle class, who are under attack. Trump speaks the truth, no matter how politically incorrect, or who it offends. 


Trump threatens to derail the establishment’s gravy train, to end “business as usual” in Washington DC. He will tell the power brokers “YOU’RE FIRED.”   


Donald tells the truth without flinching or apologizing. This Trump University lawsuit is a perfect example. Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel were not about race, they were about his bias, proven by the groups with which he’s associated. Take his membership in La Raza Lawyers of San Diego where he served on the search committee to choose illegal immigrants to receive scholarships. 


Worse, the law firm bringing the suit paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clintons and remarkably, was listed as a sponsor of that very same event. It’s just one big incestuous happy family supporting big government, pro amnesty, and friends of Hillary- everything Trump stands against. The conflicts of interest are wider than the Grand Canyon.  


This isn’t a case about a judge’s heritage. It’s about a corrupt and biased judiciary in bed with the DC establishment ruling class.  

Trump should turn this into a teachable moment about the unfairness of the legal system. 


Can anyone who wants to change the system, fight corruption, fire bureaucrats, build a wall, or restore power to the people, ever get a fair trial from this politically-corrupted judicial system?


This is a case that shows how lawyers, judges and a corrupt legal system is tilted against anyone fighting the system. Justice is no longer blind, it’s crooked.


Don’t run from it Donald. Don’t back down, DOUBLE DOWN…and you’ll become the next President of the United States.