The flak is always heaviest when you are right over the target. BULLSEYE. I must have struck right at the heart of radical liberalism with my RJ column last Thursday. Vegas liberals are really scared this time. Super liberal, bleeding-heart Las Vegas Sun publisher Brian Greenspun interrupted his annual August vacation to defend his leftist buddy MGM CEO Jim Murren.


Lucky for me, Greenspun’s passionate defense of Murren was in the Sun. That means no more than 15 people read it- including Greenspun’s wife, children and brother.


Brian called his paper “other largest newspaper in Nevada.” Really? You mean the one that could no longer afford to publish and now is delivered as an INSERT inside the RJ? The newspaper that has exactly ZERO ads inside each issue? Yes, that newspaper.


Greenspun claims I “bullied” Jim Murren. “Bullied” is a leftist code word for the fact that I won the battle decisively. From the many emails I’ve received from disgruntled MGM employees, my educated guess is Murren has a mutiny on his hands. 


By the way, I really enjoy the image of a SOB (son of a butcher) and small businessman “bullying” the most powerful gaming CEO in the world, with 70,000 employees. I’m impressed- I must have super powers!


Greenspun also called me “a Libertarian” and “conspiracy theorist.” As Reagan would say, “There you go again.” Here’s an update for Brian. It’s true I was the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee a decade ago. But I’ve been a rock-ribbed Ronald Reagan Republican-conservative since the day of my birth. 


I was born into a family of immigrant Jewish blue-collar butchers who loved America and the GOP. As opposed to Greenspun, who was born on third base and actually thinks he hit a triple.


And as far as “conspiracy theorist” label, that’s really funny coming from Nevada’s leading looney liberal who believes in the wacky conspiracy theories of Russian collusion, Trump’s on the side of KKK and Trump paid no taxes. Oops.


Now to Greenspun’s defense of MGM CEO Jim Murren. 


First, I noticed you wrote an entire commentary without ever mentioning the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center that labels mainstream Christian and conservative organizations as “hate groups.” He also forgot to mention radical Muslim terrorist-supporting CAIR. Cat got your tongue?


Or do you need to distract your readers because, of course, there is no way to defend extreme organizations like this? There’s not much you can say about Murren hitching MGM’s wagon to a front group for Hamas.


Didn’t your father Hank- a hero of mine by the way- fight for the birth of Israel? Yet now his son defends MGM’s CEO giving millions of dollars to CAIR- an organization tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Really? CAIR funds groups dedicated to the destruction of Israel and murder of every Jew in the world- including you and me Brian.


Second, you may have missed the whole point of my column. 

It’s pretty simple: No CEO has a right to tie his COMPANY, shareholders and employees to his radical leftist views. 

I’m obviously much more fair and reasonable than any liberal. Because I would never attack a CEO for what political causes he personally believes in.


Liberals clearly don’t feel that way. Remember a few years back when the CEO of Mozilla was forced by liberal activists to resign from his company because he gave a personal $1000 donation to a California PAC fighting gay marriage. 


This CEO didn’t involve his company in politics in any way. He didn’t use a dime of company money. He didn’t ask his employees to join him. He didn’t match company funds. 

If a conservative CEO can get be forced to resign for writing a measly $1000 
personal check to a mainstream conservative group…


What should happen to a liberal CEO who announces sending millions of dollars of shareholder money (and matching employee money) to radical extreme leftist organizations, including organizations tied to Muslim terrorism?


My final column on this topic will be published on Sunday. I’ll present a sampling of the plethora of notes and calls I’ve received from MGM employees. It turns out thousands of MGM employees listen to my radio show every afternoon. They are outraged and disgusted at Jim Murren’s actions. MGM is not one big happy family. 

It turns out not everyone at MGM shares Jim Murren’s views. What a shocker!