Democrats are screaming hysterical predictions about the next four years of Trump. They believe he will deport millions, uproot families, separate families, send children to a country (Mexico) they’ve never been to. But none of that has to happen. Ever.

I have a simple plan to solve the illegal immigration problem in America, save the great American middle class and make America great again. It will also shut up hysterical liberals.

First Mr. Trump, before anything else, get started building the wall. Put that shovel in the ground. Get the party started. That will shut up all the arrogant delusional liberals who say “He’ll never build the wall.” Really? Watch it start immediately.

Second, secure the border with thousands of new border agents and thousands of drones. Secure every inch. Then give the border agents the freedom to do their job. Put border agents in charge, not lawyers. 

 Third, immediately defund all “Sanctuary Cities.” If they choose to disobey the laws of this country, starve them. Cut off all federal funds. Cut them off at the knees. Watch the politicians beg for their money. End of story. No more “sanctuary.” 

Fourth, install e-verify at every business in America. Every illegal has no choice, but to come out from the shadows.

Fifth, demand the IRS do their job. Anyone using fake Social Security numbers is arrested immediately for identity theft. 

Sixth, from this day forward no one here illegally can collect any welfare benefits- that includes food stamps, Medicaid, aid to dependent children, housing allowances, free meals at school, Obamacare and “Earned income tax credits.” The gravy train is over. If you want to come to America, or stay in America, you come to work, not steal from the taxpayers. That big beautiful wall comes with a big beautiful door. You can come in, IF you want to work. If you don’t you can go home. It’s time for America to stop being stupid.

Seventh, illegals already here broke the law. You can stay. No deportations. But you gave up the right to ever become a citizen. You’ll get a work permit and resident status. You are free to stay and work. You won the lottery. But you can never collect welfare, or vote. You gave up that right.

Lastly, deport every single illegal alien in prison for a felony. Let Mexico or any other country they came from pay the prison bill, not American taxpayers.

 But everyone else stays. There is no need for mass deportations. Problem solved. You can stay- a long as you’re here to work. No welfare. No government handouts. And you can never vote. But you’re in forever. You’re the luckiest people on earth. If you don’t like the terms, go home. But we just did you the favor of a lifetime. Say “THANK YOU.”

 And with the wall and thousands of new border agents and thousands of drones policing the border, no one new gets in ever again, unless we approve them. If they come for a job, the door on the big beautiful wall opens.

All problems solved. No one is deported- but felons. Those who remain can’t get welfare or vote. The border is secured, so this never happens again. And middle class Americans have their jobs and wages protected. Everyone wins.

Let’s see what liberals say now. If your goal was stopping deportation, you should be thrilled with this plan. If your goal was never having to fear a knock on the door in the middle of the night- you should be thrilled. You just won the lottery.

 But if liberals oppose this fair and reasonable plan, then we know they couldn’t care less about immigrants. They just see them as “future Democrat voters.” 

 I dare you to stand in the way of this plan. 

 I double dare you.