Liberals think they are so much smarter than the rest of us. They see themselves as intellectuals, while conservatives are inferior. I saw this arrogant behavior in play every day while I attended Columbia University.


But here’s what I learned at Columbia. Liberals may in fact be “book smart,” but in the real world (away from books) they are actually quite stupid. Like major league stupid. Like world class stupid. Like “I can’t believe anyone could be that stupid.”


President Trump just proved he is much smarter than any liberal by pulling America out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Liberals are of course enraged. But Trump is much smarter than Obama and all the Ivy League-educated intellectual Democrats. Because he recognizes a very bad deal when he sees one. 

Here’s a unique view of what Trump just did that you won’t find anywhere else in the media. I understand what Trump just did, simply because I’m a fellow businessman, entrepreneur, salesman and negotiator. 


Trump didn’t say he’s against a climate change deal. He didn’t say he doesn’t believe in climate change. He didn’t say man doesn’t contribute to climate change. 


What Trump said is, “THE DEAL SUCKS. So, I’m cancelling the deal.”


Let me explain in simple terms even a liberal can understand. What if I announced my favorite car is a Mercedes Benz 500 class. And then a Mercedes dealer offered me this $100,000 car for $1,000,000. Is that a good deal? Or is it a massive rip-off?


I’d be stupid to accept a deal that rips me off, just because I love the car. Only a dummy would accept a deal like that. Only someone who puts emotion above financial common sense. Ah hah- liberals!


Trump is simply saying the Paris Accord is just like the Mercedes rip-off…

A) It’s just stupid to accept a deal that kills millions of American middle class jobs. B) It dramatically raises energy bills to the point where middle class Americans won’t be able to turn on a light. C) It asks the U.S. to pay almost the entire bill for the world. D) It puts the U.S. economy at a great disadvantage to China and India (who will never comply with the terms of this agreement). E) To top it off, all of this pain and economic disaster will be for nothing, because the deal’s own numbers show it will have literally zero effect on climate change. 


Obama was a dummy to accept a deal like this. Sure, my Columbia Class of ’83 classmate is “book smart.” But he is the worst negotiator in America’s history.


The terms of the Paris Accord were horrible. But Obama blew every deal he got involved in…

Obama blew the Iran deal. We gave a terrorist country more money than they even asked for, and got nothing in return. Now they have billions to fund terrorism all over the world. Iran is probably funding all of ISIS’s terror attacks. Smart, huh? Obama is the new Neville Chamberlain.


Obama blew the TPP. Another American job killer. This was the worst economic treaty ever negotiated…other than the Paris Accord. 


Obama blew the Cuba deal. Another horrible deal where we gave up everything, and got nothing in return.


And of course, NAFTA sucks too. Bad for America…bad for American manufacturing…bad for American jobs…bad for America’s GDP.


Who is negotiating these deals? Are they idiots, or incompetent? Well they’re both. They’re liberals. The poor things just don’t know how to negotiate. 


Trump isn’t saying he’s against the ideas that led to these deals. He’s just saying “THESE DEALS SUCK.” He’s just killing all of these deals to protect American workers and taxpayers. 


Because these deals were all negotiated by dummies. Book smart intellectuals with Ivy League degrees (like Obama) who lack common sense…are economically illiterate…and love giving away other people’s money. 


These deals could have been negotiated by the Keystone Cops. It’s actually funny- unless you lost your job. Nobody could be this stupid by mistake, could they?


Trump just proved he’s much smarter than Obama…or Hillary…or Bernie…or Elizabeth Warren…and don’t get me started about John Kerry.


Liberals are mad because Trump proves every day he’s just smarter than they are.