The Nevada GOP is in disarray. The base hates our own Republican elected politicians. Our Nevada GOP has been destroyed by fakes, frauds and sell-outs. Which is why Donald Trump lost Nevada- a state that even CNN predicted Trump would win rather easily only 10 days before the election.


But it wasn’t just Trump who lost. Because of the failed leadership of liberal big government Republicans like US Senator Dean Heller and Governor Brian Sandoval, the Nevada GOP lost everything last November- in a year where the GOP won everything all around the rest of the country.


I tell you all this because our own Nevada U.S. Senator Dean Heller is now trying to poison the Obamacare repeal. If you let him, the GOP brand will be damaged. The same losses we’ve experienced in Nevada will come to your state. The GOP will lose many elections in 2018 and 2020 if you let RINO (Republican in Name Only) politicians like Dean Heller ruin our brand.


Didn’t the GOP watch the 2016 election? 


We won everything- President, Senate, House, a huge majority of Governorships, a huge majority of legislatures. We control it all- from coast to coast. Why? Because Americans hate Obamacare. Polls don’t matter. Polls can be manipulated. Poll results depend on how you ask the questions. Real votes in actual elections are what matters.


And the people that voted demanded the full repeal of Obamacare. That was the central issue in three GOP smashing victories- 2010, 2014 and 2016.


But the GOP is like Wiley Coyote chasing Roadrunner. They always fall for the stupid tricks of the Democrats. They always find a way to turn gold into garbage. They are either stupid, self-destructive, or both. The GOP leadership never misses an opportunity, to miss a golden opportunity. It’s because they cave to the demands of RINOS like Nevada U.S. Senator Dean Heller- who are doing the bidding of big government Democrats. Watering down the GOP message of “limited government- no new taxes” never fails to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Keep in mind at this very moment, there is so much proof that… 

A) Our country is in peril…

B) Our economy is in decline…

C) The middle class is being destroyed…

D) Democrat policies of spending, debt and taxes make things much worse.


At this very moment, insolvent Illinois- run 100% by Democrats- is so broke from a combination of too much spending and high taxes, that credit rating agencies are about to downgrade them to JUNK STATUS. 


At this very moment, Hartford, Connecticut- also run 100% by Democrats- is so broke it was just downgraded days ago to JUNK STATUS. 


At this very moment, the federal government just reported spending $400 billion last month- the highest one month spending in history.


At this very moment, our nation’s debt is over $20 trillion.


We are going broke. Spending, taxes and debt is at the root (excuse the pun) of all of this disaster. And the biggest spending, tax and debt machine in world history is Obamacare.


So, what do Senate Republicans do in response to all this terrible news about the proven damage of spending, debt and taxes? 


Because of pressure from Nevada’s own Dean Heller and other RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators, the GOP leadership has now caved and ruined the whole point of repeal. It’s a now a “repeal” that no longer repeals most of the taxes or regulations. They’ve decided to turn the Obamacare repeal into more spending, debt and taxes.


Therefore, the “repeal” is not a repeal. They’re just calling it a repeal. That’s false advertising.


Here’s what you’ve accomplished by caving into the ignorant demands of RINOS like Dean Heller:


First, the GOP has warned for 7 years about the evils of the massive Obamacare taxes. The economy stinks. GDP is close to zero. Small business is suffocating. Now the Senate GOP has decided to keep the taxes in. How does that help the economy?


So, what the geniuses of the GOP have done is take ownership of both Obamacare and the continued decline of the economy. You haven’t solved a thing. Americans will still have no money. Consumer spending will continue to decline. Small businesses will continue to fail. Health insurance will still cost a fortune. But now instead of blaming Obama and the Democrats, they will blame the GOP for the lousy economy. 


Secondly, at this very moment Obamacare is on the verge of complete collapse. Every expert knows it. Every Obamacare exchange and co-op is either bankrupt, or about to be. But this “repeal” adds hundreds of billions to prop up Obamacare. To keep it in a coma on life support. 


That’s why the Senate GOP decided to leave the taxes in. To bribe Senator Heller and a bunch of RINOS with billions in new spending to keep expanding Medicaid for years to come, to bailout insurance companies and to create a bunch of billion “Cornhusker Kickback” bribes to force GOP Senators to vote “yes”- just like the Democrats did when they originally passed Obamacare. 


Keeping in the taxes for “the rich” isn’t about “fairness.” It about creating a $230 million pot of money to give away bribes. Disgusting. Revolting. Pure corruption and crony capitalism.


But by spending billions to keep Obamacare alive, the GOP will get the blame for the continued pain and high cost of healthcare.


Third, it’s the worst political strategy ever. The GOP hasn’t won over a single Democrat. But you have demoralized your own GOP base. Thereby making it more likely the GOP will lose in 2018 and 2020.


Doesn’t anyone study history? President George H.W. Bush raised taxes. He lost. 


McCain and Romney stood for keeping taxes where they were. Romney actually said he wanted a tax system that was “revenue neutral.” Try winning an election with that exciting slogan on your road signs and bumper stickers. Both McCain and Romney lost. 


Our own Nevada GOP Governor Brian Sandoval based the biggest tax increase in Nevada history. In the very next election the Nevada GOP lost every office from top to bottom. 


Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in world history. The Senate GOP just agreed to keep the taxes in.


Great job GOP Senate. In order to pass the Obamacare repeal every GOP voter voted for, you appeased RINOS whose policies lead to defeat again and again.  


You could have really repealed Obamacare and all the taxes, thereby creating a new Reagan economic miracle. You would have saved healthcare, small business, middle class jobs and the US economy. You would have been heroes. We would have dominated US politics at all levels for years to come.


Instead you listened to Dean Heller, a one term RINO. In doing so, you’re about to tarnish the GOP brand. The GOP is so stupid. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.