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What a two-week period for President Donald J. Trump.

They’re all rooting against him, thereby (by default) hoping America and the US economy and middle class jobs either fail, or fall short. And it’s not just Democrats. It’s virtually everyone in power, in government, in the establishment.

Economists are rooting for Trump to fail. Democrats are rooting for Trump to fail. Ivy League eggheads are rooting for Trump to fail. The media is rooting for Trump to fail. Hollywood celebrities (like Bill Maher) are rooting for Trump (and the economy) to fail.

The Deep State is rooting for Trump to fail (and be impeached). The whole DC Swamp- including the GOP establishment (think John McCain and Paul Ryan) are rooting for Trump to fail.

The entire welfare industrial complex- meaning anyone and everyone among the 110 million Americans on some form of welfare or government handout- is rooting for Trump to fail.

Everyone in the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fan club- ie those who hate America, hate capitalism and want everything for free: Free college. Free Medicaid for all. Universal income (free welfare checks for everyone). Free abortions for all. Abolish ICE- meaning open borders and a free ride for every illegal alien. I call it EIM – the “Embrace Insanity Movement.” They’re all rooting for Trump to fail.

But a funny thing is happening, even though everyone seems to hate Trump…

They dont.

In the midst of all this hate (which is all the liberal-biased mainstream media shows you)…Trump’s popularity is expanding and exploding upward!

First the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll came out this week. Trump’s approval is the highest of his presidency. Among members of his own party, it’s the 2nd highest in history.

Trump beats Reagan, Obama, JFK and Bill Clinton among voters from their own party.

Then the Gallop Poll came out. Same result. Trump’s highest approval ever.

Then the American Barometer poll by HarrisX came out. Same result. Trump’s highest approval ever.

All of these polls came out AFTER the Helsinki Summit. After our own hysterical screaming liberal publisher Brian Greenspun (of that Vegas paper that never sells a copy, and never sells an advertisement) wrote the headline “IS TRUMP A TRAITOR?”

After a nonstop media blitz about Michael Cohen’s tape recordings of Trump supposed misdeeds.

After images of children separated from mothers and comparing Trump’s border policy to Nazis.

After liberal pundits by the hundreds panned Trump’s Russia performance and called for impeachment.

In the aftermath of all that, the highest approval ever for Trump.

And only then did the great news come rolling in. Trump beat NATO. They capitulated and agreed to spend $33 billion more. Trump beat the EU- they capitulated and agreed to massive concessions on soybeans, energy and tariffs. Trump beat North Korea- Kim Jung un turned over the remains of 55 U.S. heroes missing since the Korean War. Trump is on his way to a Nobel Peace Prize.

And then the best news of all. 4.1% GDP. The fastest economic growth in years. The 2nd highest since 2003. The Trump economy is in overdrive. And we’re just getting started.

My economic guru buddies who are rarely wrong have reviewed the full GDP report. They tell me it will almost certainly be revised upward to 4.5%. And they say signs in the report point to another 4% GDP for the 3rd quarter. At that point, we are in a HISTORIC Reagan-like economic turnaround.

And here’s one detail you’ll never hear on the evening news. As of Friday, 246 of 500 S&P companies have reported earnings with what can only be called “stunning” results. 86% of companies reporting have beaten Wall Street estimates, with average EPS growth of 27.1%.

Can you imagine what’s about to happen to Trump’s approval after all this great news!

Yes, everyone hates Trump- except the American people who work for a living and love this country.

Turn off the fake news at low rated CNN. There is no “Blue Storm.” The Silent Majority loves and appreciates Trump. That’s why a Trump Red Wave” is coming.


Wayne Allyn Root ( is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.