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December 2, 2022

The Greatest Gaslight in History – This Jewish American’s Take on President Trump, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

By Wayne Allyn Root Let me start with a disclaimer. I’m a Jew. Not just any Jew. tested my DNA and reported I’m 99.9% Eastern European Jewish ancestry. That’s…
November 23, 2022

The Annual Root Turkey Awards Winners of 2022… and the Perfect GOP Ticket for 2024

By Wayne Allyn Root Happy Thanksgiving. This has been quite a year. Normally I release my annual “Root Turkey Awards”- for the biggest winners and losers of 2022. But I’m…
November 19, 2022

Why Does Everyone in DC Swamp, Deep State, DNC and Even RNC Hate Trump? Because They’re All Power Hungry, Control-Freak, Evil, Slimeballs Who Hate YOU.

By Wayne Allyn Root I’m going to “reverse gaslight” you. What does that mean? Well “gaslighting” is when government bureaucrats, politicians, media, corporations and all the evil people in power…
November 11, 2022

You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election

By Wayne Allyn Root When something is so obvious, if the outcome makes no sense, if the outcome is literally impossible, then it is what it is. Forget “proof.” You…

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