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Everyone knows midterms historically belong to the party out of power. Not this year.

Anyone who has read my columns for the past few months knows there is no blue wave, or blue trickle, or even a blue puddle. There is however a Red Storm approaching.

I call it Hurricane Donald.

The GOP is about to turn history on its head. Why is this happening? Because of my popular primetime Newsmax TV show, I’m getting as many as one thousand emails per week from viewers- many of them have stumbled upon my TV show for the first time. Those emails are a great barometer of the Red Storm that is brewing.

First, what I can see and hear and feel is an amazing intensity and enthusiasm level among conservatives. It stems from Brett Kavanaugh and the unimaginable, vicious, malicious, slanderous way Democrats tried to destroy the life of a great gentleman.

But there is a bigger trend at play than conservative enthusiasm. A shockingly large portion of the letters I’m receiving are from married suburban mothers. This is proof positive the Kavanaugh hearings backfired in a big way on Democrats. I’m getting 20 emails a day from mothers saying “I’m a lifelong Catholic Democrat mother of two sons. After what Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh, I’m never voting Democrat again.” If I’m getting 20 of these a day, this represents a gigantic sea change in American politics.

Two bits of news out in recent days backs up what I’m seeing and hearing. This news is much more accurate than polling. Midterm election voting is obviously always down dramatically from presidential election years. As expected, early voting Democrat vote totals are lower than 2016. But not Republican vote totals. In four states where early voting information is available- Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Iowa- Republican early voting EXCEEDS the 2016 presidential year!

Because of this the GOP is ahead by a large margin in the early voting in those states- the exact opposite of what traditionally happens.

One more bit of solid evidence. Over 12,000 Wyoming voters have changed party affiliation in recent weeks. 90% of them changed from Democrat or independent to Republican. These are unheard of numbers.

Then “There’s the economy, stupid.“ Common sense tells us Americans always vote based on jobs and food on their table.

In just the past few days we found out the following:

*The USA is once again- for the first time in a decade- the world’s most competitive economy.

*CNBC’s All-American survey shows soaring economic optimism- the highest in history.

*The University of Michigan consumer survey shows confidence in the government’s economic policies is now the highest in fifteen years.

*New economic numbers should push the optimism even higher. U.S. job openings are now the highest in history with 7.136 million jobs available. More importantly, August was the fifth consecutive month with more job vacancies than unemployed workers.

*Manufacturing continues to boom with 488,000 job openings in August, dramatically up from the Obama years.

What we’re seeing at Trump rallies is no fluke or coincidence. In little Missoula, Montana on Thursday, thousands lined up for an entire day, in freezing temperatures, to see President Trump. A veteran journalist called it, “jaw-dropping.”

This is called a phenomenon. Nothing like this has ever been seen in US political history. The last person to draw crowds like this in small rural towns was Billy Graham with a Christian revival a half century again.

Throw in one more key achievement liberals never noticed. Trump got Christian Pastor Andrew Brunson released from a Turkish prison- without paying a cent in ransom. The mainstream media barely mentioned it. But millions of evangelical Christians noticed. Trump has become a legend and hero to these forgotten, salt-of-the-earth Americans. I predict you’ll hear from them on November 6th.

A Red Storm is coming. Call it Hurricane Donald. With an assist to Brett Kavanaugh.

Wayne Allyn Root ( is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.