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It turns out James Carville was wrong. It’s not “about the economy, stupid.” President Trump has created the greatest booming economy since Reagan. But this past election wasn’t “about the economy, stupid.”


“It’s about the voter fraud, stupid.” As Stalin once said, what matters is who counts the votes.


Since election night Democrats have had one hell of a streak of luck. The kind of luck a lottery winner has when he knows the numbers in advance!


Democrats have picked up two US Senate seats they were losing on election night in Montana and Arizona. Mystery boxes of ballots just keep showing up.

In Florida, Democrats have discovered 83,000 votes since election day to cut their Senate candidate’s deficit down to only 12,000. And they’re not done yet. GOP Senator Marco Rubio warns that Democrats are sending their most vicious lawyers down to Florida to change election law to steal the Senate seat. Democrat lawyers are asking judges to change the law- to count ballots with signatures that don’t match the voter signature on file.


In the House it’s even worse. After election day Democrats have won 17 House seats from Republicans who were leading on Election Night. That’s some record of “luck.” That beats Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak.


Here’s some important questions for my readers to ponder. Does anyone find it strange that ballots show up, out of the blue, days after the election? Should they be accepted? How about if signatures don’t match?


Why are these mysterious ballots always in favor of Democrats? And how can they always be just the right number of votes to overcome the Republican candidate’s lead on election night?


Folks this much good luck isn’t just strange. I’m a Vegas oddsmaker. It’s impossible. The odds are stratospheric that every single time a race is decided post-election day…and thousands of late ballots appear out of nowhere…Democrats win every time. No Vegas sports book would pay off on a bizarre outcome like this.


But the picture gets clearer what’s happening. A Broward County, Florida Deputy says civil rights attorneys were handing out absentee ballots to INMATES after the election. What a surprise. I’m just surprised the inmates are alive. Democrats must have run out of dead people to vote.


In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams refuses to concede- at the same time 5000 new absentee ballots showed up days after the election. Let me guess- they’re all Democrat votes. And to no one’s surprise two radical Obama-appointed judges have ruled in Abrams’ favor that ballots should be accepted with an incorrect or omitted birth date.


Then there’s Arizona’s “Emergency Voting Centers” where voters with health “emergencies” were allowed to vote after early voting was over. All 5 locations just happened to be in heavily Democrat districts. The Democrat Mayor of Phoenix ordered these “emergency” locations. The County Recorder, also a Democrat, admitted not one voter was ever asked what their “emergency” was.


“It’s about the voter fraud, stupid.” This is an opinion column. My opinion is Democrats are committing blatant voter fraud to steal elections from sea to shining sea. This was a warmup act. A test run for seeing how much they can get away with in future elections. Like 2020.


I’ll have a few emergency solutions for President Trump in my next column.