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A Small Businessman’s Response to the State of the Union.

By January 28, 2010No Comments
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Who's the Enemy Mr. Obama- The Taliban or America's "Rich?"

Why Are the Job Creators and Taxpayers the ONLY Ones You Can't Afford to Help?

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Ronald Reagan would have said, "There you go again Obama." In last night's state of the union President Obama offered gifts to everyone in America, except the job creators and taxpayers. He told the lie again and again- that he is a tax cutter. He said, "I gave tax cuts to 95% of Americans." True. But he forgot to mention that the other 5% own all the businesses, create all the jobs and pay virtually all the taxes. He gave tax cuts to millions of people that never paid taxes in the first place. Smart move Mr. President. Screw the rich, and reward everyone else. No wonder we have an effective unemployment rate of almost 20%. How's that "spread the wealth around" working for you?

Obama promised goodies for everyone on the planet- except those making over $250,000 a year. He made a point of saying just that- we have no room for tax cuts for those making over $250,000 per year. Hey that's me! How lucky can a fellow get? Being a successful entrepreneur and small business owner under Obama is like winning the reverse lottery!

I studied hard; worked hard; never did drugs (unlike Obama); sacrificed while others were partying; graduated Valedictorian of my high school class; graduated Columbia University with honors (Deans List); and then went onto build businesses and create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs. I did everything my parents and my country asked of me. They promised me if I did, I'd live the American Dream.

Today I work 16 to 18 hour days; I work well before 9 AM and well after 5 PM; I work weekends; I work holidays; I work on birthdays and anniversaries; I work full days while on vacation with my family; I pay huge taxes; I pay other people's health insurance; I have often withheld my own paycheck during lean times, so that I can make payroll for others; I built companies so that all my employees could also live the American Dream.

And my reward for all of that work, and sacrifice, and playing by the rules, is to be singled out by Obama on national TV as the bad guy. I'm the enemy. NOT the Taliban. It's me. I'm the guy with the bullseye on his chest. Everyone in the country gets a handout, a tax cut, an entitlement, and a tax break, but me. I get up at 5 AM and work 18 hours so that my reward is to be punished. Screwed. Taxed out of existence. There’s no room to reward me. Everyone else- there’s plenty of room for them. Me- I’m the lucky guy who has been singled out to pay for everyone else’s good times.

Obama's claim that he is fighting for small business is a lie. I am a small businessman. My friends are all small businessmen. We feel singled out for punishment and retribution (as well as redistribution). Obama thinks our hard-earned money is his. Well I have news for him- we earned it. It belongs to us. It's the taxpayers’ money; it does not belong to the government.

Obama's plan to help small business is typical Obama. It is all dressed up to sound powerful. But the reality is that beneath the beautiful bow is a huge pile of crap. Obama’s plan is an insult to all small business owners and investors. It is useless and meaningless.

We need tax cuts. We need to keep more of our own money. We need smaller government. We need for government to cut the taxes, rules, mandates and regulations that are strangling the lifeblood out of us. Instead he takes more of our money, yet tells us he's doing us a favor. No thanks. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

And Obama wonders why there are no new jobs? Trust me…there won't be any change in the unemployment rate anytime soon. Not with Obama as President. Not with that attitude. Small business is going on strike. Find your jobs and the taxes necessary to fund your welfare state somewhere else. We're out to lunch Mr. President. We’ll be back around 2012.