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By Wayne Allyn Root

Where are the calls for the immediate resignation of FBI Chief Christopher Wray and DOJ Chief/Attorney General Merrick Garland?

I woke up this morning expecting to see headlines announcing either the resignations of this country’s top law enforcement officers, or at the very least, the entire GOP House and Senate standing on the U.S. Capitol Building steps demanding their resignation.

Yet so far, all I hear is crickets.

But didn’t we just find out late yesterday that the FBI authorized the use of “deadly force” in their raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home? A FBI SWAT team was actually prepared to confront President Trump. Don’t take my word for it.

The warrant actually says, FBI agents conducting the raid must be prepared “to engage with FPOTUS (former President of United States) and his Secret Service security team.

This administration green lit a “deadly force” raid against the former President and his Secret Service detail. They were looking for a shootout, FBI vs. Secret Service.

This isn’t America anymore.

This isn’t some rumor. It’s disclosed in federal court documents. We now know the contents of the search warrant. Where is the outrage?

These are Nazi Germany tactics. This is right out of the Gestapo playbook.

Folks, if this doesn’t generate enough outrage to force the resignation of Garland and Wray, then our republic has fallen.

I already know the excuses. The Biden administration will claim these words about “deadly force” are boilerplate- present in all search warrants.

That dog won’t hunt.

First, the FBI SWAT team showed up at Mar-a-Lago

with heavy weapons. They were clearly ready for a shootout at the former President’s home. So, their weapons and attitude matched the words in the warrant. They clearly represented a grave threat to President Trump, his family and staff. Someone could have been killed.

Were they hoping for a confrontation with President Trump? 

Was the DOJ/FBI looking for justification to shoot Trump dead?

Were they spoiling for a shootout with Trump’s Secret Service detail?

Did they want a shootout, so they could paint Trump and all his MAGA supporters as violent, extreme “domestic terrorists?”

Were they spoiling for a Ruby Ridge, or David Koresh/Waco siege confrontation?

This isn’t a far-fetched fantasy. We already know the DOJ/FBI set up a major entrapment to induce January 6th peaceful Trump protestors to fight back, be arrested in SWAT raids, face “cruel and unusual punishment” for years in prison without trial, and be painted as “domestic terrorists.”

If you don’t believe me, ask my friend Jake Lang, who just spent his 4thbirthday behind bars without trial, and most of that time, tortured in solitary confinement.

So, knowing this already happened, why would anyone not assume that’s exactly what this same DOJ/FBI wanted to happen at Mar-a-Lago?

Why wouldn’t DOJ lawyers go out of their way to de-escalate the optics by simply taking the words “deadly force” out of the warrant? Why couldn’t they have walked into Mar-a-Lago without any weapons drawn? I’ll tell you why…

Because our government was hoping to provoke a shootout between FBI and Secret Service, and even better, a long siege with the nation watching.

How could this happen in the United States of America? “Use of deadly force” in an FBI raid at a former President’s home for the first time in America’s history, over a nonviolent alleged “crime” that has never been prosecuted in the history of America?

Let’s compare apples to apples.

Let’s say Republican President Donald J. Trump ordered an armed raid on the D.C. mansion of former president Barack Obama for an alleged non-violent crime, and Trump’s DOJ/FBI authorized the use of “deadly force” in the warrant. And then a heavily armed FBI SWAT team showed up at Obama’s home- with Michelle and his daughters present.

Would any excuse work with the American public?

Would black Americans and civil rights attorneys accept the excuse that “deadly force” is always included in every warrant? That this was just a “generic verbiage” issue? That this heavily armed FBI SWAT raid was “standard?”

Do you think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would accept that excuse? How about BLM? Or Maxine Waters? Or AOC and her squad?

How about the liberal mainstream media? Does anyone doubt they would be writing headlines right now igniting a revolution, coup, or civil war?

We all know if this happened to Obama (who really is a criminal, who really did order the illegal spying on Trump), the nation would be burning.

I believe we’d be in the middle of the worst rioting, unrest and anarchy in our nation’s history. I believe black Americans and Democrat leaders would be saying “this is proof America is racist” and “this was an attempt by Trump’s FBI to assassinate Obama.”

How many death threats against President Trump would there be at X and Facebook this morning? I’ll bet millions.

And I know leading black Congresspersons would be standing on the steps of the Capitol Building demanding the immediate resignation of Trump and his FBI Chief and DOJ Chief/AG.

And could you blame them?

It’s just not possible, or acceptable in America, that any President and his AG/DOJ/FBI could, or would, order a raid with “deadly force” on the home of his political opponent, who is leading in the polls, and who was the most recent President of the United States.

But I don’t see the nation burning today. Do you? 

I guess Republicans and conservatives aren’t so violent after all. I guess we’re not “domestic terrorists.” I guess despite all our guns, we’re not starting a civil war.


If our GOP Congressional leaders are not standing on the steps of the Capitol Building soon, demanding the immediate resignation of everyone involved in this fiasco, including FBI Chief Christopher Wray and DOJ Chief/AG Merrick Garland, then our Republic has indeed fallen.

And we are in fact living in 1930s Nazi Germany.

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