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Americans Want Less Government and Lower Taxes- Translation: A Libertarian Life!

By June 29, 2007No Comments
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The latest survey is out and the Top 11 "growing real estate markets" in the USA (according to the National Association of Realtors) are primarily low tax red states (meaning states that voted Republican in the last Presidential election). 8 of the 11 are in red states, while one of the 3 blue states is a state with no state income tax (Washington). So it could be argued that 9 of the top 11 fastest growing cities in America are located in low tax states. What a surprise! Even after Republicans have lost power and respect from the voters, Americans still choose FISCAL CONSERVATISM. You know what it's called when you're fiscally conservative, but socially liberal? Libertarian. That my fellow fiscal conservatives, is why I switched from the GOP to LP (Libertarian Party). I did not leave the GOP. The Republican Party left me when it embraced extreme religious right wing "out of the mainstream" views on issues such as Terri Schiavo, abortion, gay rights, stem cell research, etc. And to top it off, abandoned fiscal restraint by presiding over the greatest government expansion in modern political history.

But nothing has changed when it comes to money. A majority of Americans may no longer vote Republican, but they are still fiscally conservative. The proof is in the places they choose to live. Americans are voting with their feet and their wallets by relocating to places where taxes are lower, government spending is therefore lower, and freedom for entrepreneurs is higher. The Top 11 markets for 2007 are:

Seattle, Washington-blue state but ZERO state income tax
Beaumont, Texas-red state
Biloxi, Mississippi-red state
Bismark, North Dakota-red state
Salt Lake City, Utah-red state
Cumberland, Maryland-blue state
Albuquerque, New Mexico-red state
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-red state
Salem, Oregon-blue state
San Antonio, Texas-red state
Farmington, New Mexico-red state

So once again, despite a seismic political revolution in the USA from Republican (red) dominance to Democrat (blue) control of both houses of Congress (and a lead in polls for the White House in 2008), Americans still crave lower taxes and less government. Fiscal conservatism is still very much in style. It's just that voters no longer trust the GOP to reduce government spending, or the size and scope of government. Another poll earlier in the week points out that a majority of Americans thinks it's time for a third party President. Support for fiscal conservatism? Lower taxes? Less government? Support for a third party with these fiscal conservative values? Sounds like the American people are describing the LIBERTARIAN PARTY!

But wait- more interesting studies and polls point towards fiscal conservatism: AOL just released the "Tour America Best Cities to Live In." Based on a variety of factors, 9 of the 10, 90% were red low tax states!

Austin, Texas-red state
Ashville, North Carolina-red state
Coeur 'd Alene, Idaho-red state
Fairhope, Alabama-red state
Barren County, Kentucky-red state
Albuquerque, New Mexico-red state
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-red state
Colorado Springs, Colorado-red state
Alaska-red state
Vermont-blue state

And then there's the official U.S. Census Bureau, which recently predicted that the 5 fastest growing states in America for the next 25 years would be Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Utah. All 5 (surprise!) are red low tax, limited government states!

Despite what the liberal media have told us, nothing has changed. Americans have NOT abandoned traditional Republican Party fiscal conservatism. They have simply abandoned the GOP over the war in Iraq, the massive corruption and scandals of Republican politicians, the massive scale of incompetence of the Bush Administration, and the religious right extremism on social issues. The polls and studies above prove that Americans still want fiscal conservatism, lower taxes, smaller government, reduced government spending, and more economic freedom. They have simply decided that the GOP is no longer the party to give it to them.

Today, this former "Millionaire Republican" (the title of my best-selling book of 2005) stands proudly before you as a Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States. I am that third party candidate Americans are searching for. I am fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. I am carrying the mantle of my heroes- Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Today if they were alive, neither would call himself a Republican. Like me, they would call themselves Libertarian conservatives. As Bob Dylan would say, the world it is a-changing. As a man who is paid millions of dollars to make accurate predictions, I can feel something big happening in the pit of my stomach. The time is ripe for a serious challenge to the 2-party system that is so badly failing America's voters. It's the right time and place for a Libertarian political revolution.