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Wayne Allyn Root, host of “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, is proud to announce he is the host of two new conservative television shows. 

The first show is a weekend one hour TV Show titled “America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root” on Real America’s Voice TV Network (Dish TV- Channel 219). It will begin this month- days and times to be announced in the coming days.

Wayne is also proud to announce a daily TV show! Wayne will host a TV show Monday-Friday at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST on Mike Lindell TV. The start date is tentatively set for Monday August 15th. 

And there’s more big news to come!

Root said, “Great news comes in threes. Real America’s Voice TV was my first announcement. Mike Lindell TV is my second. Stay tuned for another huge announcement coming up in the next two weeks. I’m just waiting to sign the final contract. But expect to hear about a daily Wayne Root video and audio podcast on one of America’s biggest conservative platforms… 

Why is my brand exploding? The American people have woken up. They want real news and raw truth. I hold nothing back. I give my honest opinions and tell only “raw truth.” I don’t sugar coat it, or worry about who I offend. I don’t care if the mainstream media agrees with me. No other host on television does that with my energy, enthusiasm and optimism! We have to stand up and speak out LOUDLY. We have to speak “raw truth.” That’s the only way we’re going to save the greatest nation in world history, ever blessed by God. With truth, action and courage.”

To hear the days and times of Wayne’s new TV shows…and to hear where you can watch them, stay tuned. Check in daily for more updates at