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Citizen Revolution- One Nation Under Tea Party Revolt!

By September 16, 2010No Comments
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The Peasants With Pitchforks are Coming.

Obama continues to name Czars without any vetting or confirmation from Congress. His latest Czar – appointed only days ago — was the “Asian Carp Czar.” I’m not kidding (I wish I were). Well if Obama thinks his unaccountable executives are “czars,” then King Obama and Queen Michelle must consider the rest of us serfs and peasants. But there’s a hitch in this scenario. When peasants with pitchforks decide to revolt, it usually doesn’t end well for the ruling class.

When I wrote my book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts,” I predicted that Obama’s radical Marxist agenda would lead to a citizen revolution, the likes of which had not been seen in this country since 1776. I predicted that this revolution to take back our country would be led by a coalition of Libertarians, conservatives, disgruntled Republicans, independents, taxpayers, small business owners, gun owners, patriots, and Christians. That revolution now has a name: The Tea Party.

And who are these new revolutionaries? Many of them are reenacting the ‘60’s revolution. They have evolved from peace and pot to pitchforks…from tie die to torches…from denim to deficit and debt…and from communes to condos. Today the Holy Grail isn’t Woodstock, it’s Washington. Why the change? It's called financial responsibility. The “me generation” is now all about THE GRANDCHILDREN. And the same people who changed the world in the ‘60’s with their passion and enthusiasm are about to change the world again.

The remarkable Tea Party victories on Tuesday night are yet more proof this is not business as usual. Entrenched incumbents and establishment D.C. insiders are being swept away like debris in a tsunami. Most importantly, it isn’t only liberal Democrat scalps the Tea Party is taking. At the top of the list are the enablers- big government RINOS (Republicans in name only). Exhibit A is Michael Castle. The longtime Delaware Republican Congressman is normally the kind of GOP insider that survives times of voter unrest. Political insiders like Castle have always known how to turn on the charm, raise lots of money, and use that money on advertising campaigns to convince voters that “next time” they’ll vote with the people. It’s always “next time.” Except for Castle there will be no more next times. This citizen revolution sent Castle to the unemployment line. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Mike.

Castle is a RINO who votes gave bi-partisan cover to big government expansion and an ever-expanding welfare state. Castle was the exact type of Republican fraud who through his compromise and “bi-partisanship” (see SELLOUT) made fiscal conservatives and free-market Libertarians fighting for the survival of our children and grandchildren appear as “extremists, radicals and nutcases.” The reality is the extremists are those who have bankrupted our once great country and left us with over $100 Trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities.

It is the so-called “bi-partisan moderates” that have sold out our children’s future- saddling them with unsustainable deficit and debt for decades to come, in order to bring home the bacon to their districts today. GOP Rinos such as Castle and “blue dog Democrats” such as Nebraska’s Ben Nelson are the problem, not the solution. How can you be a “blue dog” when you vote for bigger government, universal healthcare, cap and trade, stimulus, bailouts, earmarks, and financial reform bills that demand banks give out small business loans based on affirmative action? How can you be a patriot and demand “Cornhusker kickbacks?”

In the end I’m rooting (excuse the pun) for V.E.T.O. — Vote Everyone of Them Out. Republicans, Democrats, lawyers, lobbyists, union bosses, D.C. political insiders and incumbents of all stripes — it’s time to clean house and throw all the bums out. If America is to be saved, it’s necessary to throw out both the socialist, entitlement-addicted Democrats and the establishment Republican enablers like Mike Castle, Charlie Crist, Rick Lazio, Lisa Murkowski, and Bob Bennett. The debt and deception stops here — with the Tea Party.

The Tea Party candidates have been successful in primaries because they have been singularly focused on the most important and pressing issues our country faces today: the economy, jobs, government spending, government employees, and the unchecked growth of the deficit and debt. These issues should have been Obama's only priority. Instead, we got a healthcare bill that will ultimately bankrupt the country, more government employees, and a stimulus that only stimulated the ratings of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. But wait, Obama isn’t done yet. He still has card check (unionize the entire nation) and cap and trade to ram through in the lame duck session of Congress after he’s lost in a landslide. And you wonder why the people are angry?

The peasants have awoken from a long slumber. The time for excuses and promises is over. All that is left is for the winners in November to deliver — shrink government, cut government employees and pensions (as Cuba is busy doing right now), dramatically lower the deficit and debt, and dramatically reduce spending, while lowering taxes (as Canada has done for the past decade). Deliver or the Tea Party promises to throw this class of bums out just like the last one … and they’ll be patriots for doing so. As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing…It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”