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I’ve been a positive thinker my whole life. I’m a big believer in always seeing the glass as half full. It’s the only way to live.

Sure, there are lots of crazy and bad things happening right now. I’ll address them after the holiday is over. But for now, I want to make you smile. I want to make you see your glass as half full this Thanksgiving weekend.

We could focus on the bad. We all know the election was stolen. A new poll by CNBC/Change Research shows only 3% of President Trump’s voters see Joe Biden as the legitimate winner. 73% see President Trump as the legitimate winner, while 24% are not sure.

Only 3% of Trump voters believe he should concede to Biden. 66% think Trump should never concede. And 72% of Trump voters would leave the GOP if Trump forms a third party.

So, the Trump Army is still very much together, loyal, passionate and in fighting spirit. That’s good news.

We could focus on the lockdowns and shutdowns. On this Thanksgiving holiday, Democrats want us to live masked and miserable indoors, in our own homes. They want us locked down, lonely, bored, depressed, hopeless. They want your business closed, your job gone. They want to leave you with no way to pay your bills, your mortgage, your car payments, your kids’ college tuition. This is how they make us dependent on government.

In Oregon they just legalized heroin & cocaine. A family of four in Portland can snort cocaine, or inject heroin and they aren’t breaking the law. But if a nice, normal, law-abiding, taxpaying, Christian family has too many friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner, they could be dragged off to prison by the 21st century version of the Gestapo.

Heroin good. Cocaine, good. Turkey, bad. That’s how Democrats think. Always remember that.

If you think of all that, you’ll be depressed.

So, let’s focus on the good. Let’s think of the glass as half full.

First, the GOP didn’t lose on Election Night. We actually had a very solid night. There was no blue wave. Actually, there was a moderate red wave. This is still a center right country. It’s just that the fake news media won’t tell you.

Donald Trump faced four years of lies, smears, fraud, slander, fake news and fake polls, and still he added 11 million votes more than his victory in 2016. That’s a miracle.

Trump got the most votes of any sitting president in history. Trump got the most votes of any Republican in history. Trump got more black votes, Latino and minority votes than any Republican in half a century. Because of Trump, the GOP expanded its base dramatically. Somehow the media missed all that.

Although Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were supposed to run the table and add twenty House seats, instead they got their head handed to them. The GOP added at last 10 new House seats and maybe as many as 15 seats.

The GOP did very well in the U.S. Senate too. Republicans had to defend many more seats than Democrats, yet fought our way to a 50-48 majority, with two races to go in Georgia. If we win only one out of two races, the GOP retains the majority.

On a state by state basis, Republicans did even better. The GOP (again, with Trump at the top of the ticket) expanded our lead in state legislatures across the country. In 22 states Republicans will hold unified control over the governor’s office and both houses of the legislature.

The great news is Republican state legislatures are now in control of redistricting Houses seats for the next decade. This almost guarantees the GOP will re-take the House in 2022.

Don’t forget conservatives now hold a commanding 6-3 lead at the U.S. Supreme Court (although assume turncoat John Roberts sides with Dems on many votes).

And as far as President Trump’s fate, I’m the author of the new national #1 bestseller “TRUMP RULES.” I’ve studied Donald J.  Trump for 41 years- since I was a freshman at Columbia University. I know this much after a lifetime of studying Trump- if anyone can overturn the election results, Trump can. He was born to make the impossible, possible.

Every time liberals, or the liberal media thinks Trump is as good as dead, he rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. Despite the media lies, based on what I know about the magical “TRUMP RULES” of success, this presidential race is far from over.

As conservative and Christian Americans enjoy Thanksgiving weekend, we are certainly under attack. But we still have lots to be thankful for, and much to smile about. Our glass is more than half full.

Wayne Allyn Root is the author of the new #1 national bestselling book, “TRUMP RULES.” Wayne is a CEO, entrepreneur and host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. To find out more about Wayne Allyn Root and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at