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By Wayne Allyn Root

Why is Nikki Haley still in the GOP presidential race?

The GOP base is united around President Trump. We all know why he is running – to save America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, the great American middle class, and Judeo-Christian values. To “Make America Great Again.” To make America safe again. To make America’s borders secure again. To make America prosperous again. And to keep us out of WW3.

Now those are great reasons.

But why is Nikki running? She got soundly beaten in Iowa and New Hampshire. And those were her best states – by a mile. She has no chance in the next 48 states. As in 0. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

It’s all downhill from here for Nikki. Up next are the biggest humiliations of her life – in Nevada and her home state of South Carolina.

So why is Nikki still running? Why hasn’t she dropped out and endorsed President Trump for the good of the country… and for the good of the GOP?

That’s an easy answer.

Because she isn’t in the race for the good of America… or for the good of the GOP. She is in the race only for Nikki. She is staying in the race to gain fame and fortune. She wants the celebrity bestowed by the liberal establishment elite on anyone who stays in the fight against President Donald J. Trump.

Nikki wants to be the hero of the mainstream media, Hollywood and the publishers in New York. Which gets her bigger book advances… bigger speech fees… and maybe a TV talk show.

In other words, Nikki is on a delusional suicide run for herself. She doesn’t give a damn about the country… or you or me… or our kids. It’s all about the money.

Nikki Haley is the GOP’s very own “Money Honey.”

That says it all. What has Trump gained for being president? He was one of the wealthiest men in the world, with the life everyone dreams of. He had the biggest hit reality TV show in Hollywood. He was the biggest celebrity in the world. He was beloved by everyone. He got awards from black groups and Jewish groups.

But as President he faced two impeachments; nonstop threats to his life; hatred and demonization 24/7; weaponization by his own government against him; and the loss of most of his business partners. Now he faces four indictments and over 700 years in prison.

Yet, Trump won’t back down. He’s back for more. And he’s doing it all for us. He loves America. He loves the American people. He’s sacrificing the rest of his life for us. That’s easy to see.

Compare that to Nikki’s desire for book deals, speeches and a TV talk show.

But that’s okay. What goes around, comes around. Sometimes you do get what you deserve. Nikki’s immediate future is filled with failure, pain and humiliation.

Let me explain what Nikki is about to face in Nevada and South Carolina.

Nevada is my adopted home state for 22 years. I host my national TV and radio shows from Las Vegas. I know and understand Nevada better than any TV host in America. Nikki is about to be humiliated in Nevada like nothing you’ve ever seen.

You see, Nevada has both a GOP primary on February 6th and a GOP Caucus on February 8th. GOP presidential candidates had to choose which one to participate in. Trump wisely chose the Nevada Caucus on Feb 8th. All the delegates for the RNC Convention that chooses our presidential candidate will be awarded based on the Caucus. 100% of the delegates.

On the other hand, the Nevada GOP primary is meaningless. 0 delegates will be awarded based on the winner. As in zero, zip, zilch. So, why would any candidate choose the primary over the Caucus? You’d have to be brain dead, right? Or a “birdbrain.”

Guess which one Nikki chose?

Nikki will be running alone in the GOP primary. It’s, for all intents and purposes, just Nikki and “none of the above.” If she manages to defeat “none of the above” (and that’s a big “if”) she still gets 0 delegates.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is running against Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy in the Nevada GOP Caucus. But, they both dropped out of the race. So, Trump is running alone in the Caucus. He is guaranteed to get 100% of the Nevada delegates for the GOP presidential convention.

Nikki Haley chose the meaningless primary. She really is a “birdbrain.” Trump wasn’t kidding.

Just based on this decision alone, Nikki is unqualified to be President of the United States.

And then there’s South Carolina – Nikki’s home state. Polls show she’s losing by close to a 40-point landslide in her own state. South Carolina is about to hand Nikki the 2nd worst humiliation of her life. But I can say with pride…

Nevada is number one!

So why is Nikki still in the race? She could drop out now and avoid these back-to-back disasters and humiliations. But she is so delusional, or so selfish, or so focused on fame and fortune, or such a “birdbrain,” she doesn’t even see the train coming.

It’s the Trump Train.