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By Wayne Allyn Root

Have you watched the Democrats froth at the mouth over the holiday?

Did you see Joe Biden call himself “the first black female Vice President?”

Did you see the nonstop articles in the media about Biden’s cognitive decline?

Did you see the nonstop articles about Democrat leaders demanding Biden step aside?

Did you see the nonstop articles about Democrat mega-donors saying they are cutting off all funding until Biden steps aside?

It’s all over for poor, feeble, braindead Joe Biden.

There are only two things that matter in politics…and even more so in Democrat politics…money and the mainstream media. Biden has lost them both. He’s finished.

Exhibit A is Biden’s supposed election in 2020. 

Although I believe the election was rigged and stolen…by Zuckerberg’s bucks…Google’s obscene election bias…the media’s coverup of Hunter’s laptop scandal…Covid pandemic election rule changes…mail-in ballots with no voter ID…and by the biggest criminal enterprise in world history- ballot harvesting. All that was part of an elaborate voter fraud scam.

Nonetheless, Biden did have the two most important things in politics going for him- he raised the most money and he had the mainstream media covering up his cognitive issues and scandals. With those two, any Democrat can win- no matter how politically extreme, mentally challenged, or incompetent they are.

But now Joe Biden has lost both the donors and the media. So, he’s finished. Gone. Kaput. Adios. 

In the next few days…maybe as soon as Monday…Joe Biden will announce he’s stepping aside.

So, what do Democrats do next? Here are their options…

First, of course, they could elect to stay with Biden, only because he won’t agree to step aside, or they can’t figure out how to get his name off the ballot.

Pray for this one to happen. If Democrats are stuck with Biden, President Trump could win in a Reagan-Mondale-like landslide with 40+ states and over 350 electoral votes.

The second option is “the Kamala option.” Biden could either step aside, or be forced out with the 25th Amendment. Then Kamala becomes President of the United States. That may be even worse for America than leaving Biden in office.

Many are calling for Biden to take a cognitive test, but Kamala should be forced to take an IQ test!

Okay, I’m just gonna say it (I always do): Kamala is the dumbest person to ever get near a seat of power in world history. She is quite simply dumb as a doorknob. She’s as dumb as a tree stump. She’s as dumb as a wooden dummy. Joe Biden has dementia. What’s Kamala’s excuse?

And while Trump is suspected of an affair (but no one has yet proved it ever happened), and that’s true of 99% of world leaders and US Presidents (See JFK and Bill Clinton), it’s now “fair game” to mention Kamala screwed her way to the top. She is where she is, based only on screwing Willie Brown, California’s most powerful politician at the time.

FACT: Kamala got her start playing “Free Willy.”

If you think it’s bad that politicians have affairs, what do you think of the females who screw older married politicians for money or power? Electing Kamala would be like electing Stormy Daniels.

She isn’t the powerful screw-er, Kamala is the screw-ee.

And unlike with Trump, Kamala’s affair is proven. Even Willie Brown admits it. In history, has ANY country ever even considered electing the woman who screwed the married politician as the presidential candidate? This would be a new low in world history.

So, if there ever was a flawed, sacrificial-lamb candidate, Kamala is Exhibit A. Good luck to Democrats.

If they pick Kamala, then I think Democrats actually want Trump to win. 

Perhaps they know an economic collapse is coming (because of their policies of taxes, spending, debt, green energy and DEI). Perhaps they know WW3 is unavoidable (because of their actions in Ukraine). So, at this point, they figure, “We can’t win with either Joe, or Kamala, so we might as well let Trump win, blame the impending twin disasters on him, ruin his presidency, and then we finish the job in 2028.”

But if Democrats want any chance to win, then my gut says these are their only viable options…

*Give the nomination to Michele Obama- as I’ve predicted and warned for two years now. How would they get rid of Kamala? Either promise her a Supreme Court nomination if they win, or pull the 25th amendment chord, get rid of Biden, and install Kamala as “interim lame duck president.” Kamala gets the resume and legacy as first female President of the USA, but agrees not to run. Michelle gets the nomination.

*Install Gavin Newsom as Michelle’s VP- to be the prolific fundraiser among California’s wealthy liberals.

*If Michelle really doesn’t want it, then perhaps they keep Biden at the top, and install Barack Obama as VP (assuming that passes Constitutional muster). That stabilizes the ticket- giving liberals hope that if Biden dies in office, Obama could take over (without being elected). Crazy risk, and destructive to “the rule of law” in America, but I’d put nothing past desperate, power-hungry, Democrats.

*If Michelle doesn’t want it, and the Barack Obama idea isn’t legal, install Gavin as presidential nominee, but I don’t see Democrats passing over a black woman for a white man.

That leaves only two more possibilities…

If none of that works, move Kamala up to presidential candidate and name another women to the ticket- perhaps Gretchen Whitmer as VP- which could give Democrats at least some chance of victory (although I think very slim), by winning an overwhelming percentage of female votes, and a better chance of winning battleground state Michigan.

Lastly, there’s always Hillary waiting in the wings for a second shot at President Trump.

At this point, I think Trump wins an electoral landslide versus any combination. So, for Democrats, the only real option is rigging, cheating and stealing the election like never before in world history.


My gut says in the end, that’s Democrats’ only real plan and shot at victory.

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