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By Wayne Allyn Root

Count me as a big fan of Elon Musk. He is a “breath of fresh air.” Elon is a patriot. He is the rare billionaire that fights passionately and openly for freedom and free speech, and against Big Brother weaponization, censorship and persecution. Bravo.

Thank you, Elon.

But something is wrong at Elon’s social media company X (formerly Twitter). The billion-dollar question is…does he know? And if he knows, why isn’t he doing something about it?

I am Exhibit A.

I am a high-profile conservative media personality with national TV shows, nationally-syndicated radio show, nationally-syndicated newspaper column and 16 bestselling books. Millions of conservatives watch, listen, and read my opinions.

Yet I’m being terribly silenced, censored and shadow-banned at X/Twitter. 

Why is Elon letting this happen at his own social media company? My legal team has contacted him and explained what’s being done to me. And still no response from Elon. And nothing has changed at my X page: @RealWayneRoot

Why Elon?

First, a little background. Back in the Fall of 2020, I was adding about 20,000 new followers at Twitter PER MONTH. I added about 80,000 new followers in a 4-month period around the presidential election. Obviously, your customers at Twitter liked my opinions.

The evil DC Swamp, Deep State, ex-CIA and ex-FBI psychopaths who ran Twitter back then didn’t like that. They had to stop my success with Twitter’s customers. So out of the blue…without cause, warning, or explanation, Twitter banned me for life.

My lifetime ban by Twitter made national and global headlines, from Fox News, to the New York Post, to Epoch Times, to the UK Daily Mail.

That ban lasted about two years, until Elon Musk bought Twitter. My legal team sent a letter to Elon Musk (registered mail) to ask for reinstatement. Within days, Elon made it happen. I was back on Twitter. Thank you, Elon.

But that’s where the real mystery begins.

You see, in the year since I’ve been reinstated on X by Elon Musk himself, things have gotten worse, not better. While my X page is back up, few ever see it. My opinions reach no one. There are virtually no “likes” and no comments to my tweets. And in a year, almost no one has joined my X page- even though I am the host of popular national TV and radio shows. Does this make sense to anyone?

I’m censored and shadow-banned at X now- under the ownership and leadership of Elon Musk- far worse than before he owned it. 

Want proof? See the letter (below) from my legal team to Elon Musk. It was delivered to his headquarters via registered mail in December. And a follow-up letter was delivered via registered mail weeks later.

I now have even stronger proof that I’m being silenced, censored, shadow-banned and made invisible on X. 

Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame has created a competitor to X. It is called FrankSocial. It is found at Obviously, it is much newer and smaller than X. Obviously, far less people use it than X.

Yet in the past few weeks since I’ve been posting my opinions on FrankSocial, 19,600 people have joined my page (@WayneAllynRoot). At this pace, I’ll pass 20,000 followers in the next day or two. This happened in about 6 weeks- that’s when I first began posting daily at

So, at a fair and honest social media site (where no one is trying to silence opinions they disagree with)…and I’m free from censorship, or shadow-banning…I attract 20,000 followers in about 6 weeks. But at world-famous X/Twitter, I can’t get anyone to join my page, or “like” my opinions, or even comment?

Does this make sense to anyone with a brain, or common sense?

Well of course it does, I’m Exhibit A. I’m proof positive conservatives and patriots are being silenced, censored, shadow-banned and made invisible at X. Right under CEO Elon Musk’s nose.

Elon Musk may be the owner and CEO of X, but he has thousands of employees and hundreds of executives making the decisions at X. And clearly, Elon has a problem. Elon may believe in freedom and free speech, but his executives and employees do not. Those DC Swamp, Deep State, ex-CIA and ex-FBI psychopaths are still employed at X. And they’re busy 24/7 silencing conservatives and patriots.

Just days ago, my guest on my TV show was Mike Lindell. When he heard my story about the way I’m being treated at X, he said he has the same problem. He was reinstated, but almost no one ever joins his page. Hundreds of X customers have contacted me to say they get the exact same treatment.

Something is very wrong at X. The question is, does Elon Musk know about it, and why isn’t Elon taking action? Either Elon believes in freedom and free speech, or he doesn’t.

If he does, then he should make sure his own company practices what he preaches. 

Here is the letter sent by my legal team via registered mail to Elon Musk at his headquarters.

Dear Mr. Musk:

This law firm represents Wayne Allyn Root (“Wayne”), one of the leading conservative TV and radio talk shows hosts in America. Wayne hosts “America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root” on Real America’s Voice TV Network, as well as a nationally syndicated radio show.

As you may recall, Wayne had been banned by Twitter, now X, under the previous administration. Approximately one year ago, we sent you a letter on behalf of Wayne requesting reinstatement on X. Once you received our letter and purchased X, our appeal for reinstatement was granted and to your credit, Twitter reinstated Wayne.

As you may know, Wayne has been, and is, one of your biggest fans and defenders. 

Sadly, however, Wayne’s return to X has been a nightmare. You may be unaware that Wayne is heavily shadow-banned and censored by your staff at X. We hope this is an error- perhaps left over from the previous administration?

As a result, no one can find Wayne, or see what Wayne writes on X. Many of your X members have written Wayne to advise him that he is being heavily shadow-banned and his communications are not being received by his followers.

Wayne currently has over 118,000 followers on X; yet when he posts a tweet he gets 2 “likes” and 0 comments.

Obviously, this is not normal for Wayne, as he has so many followers and listeners to his credit.

Wayne has conducted numerous experiments to prove that he is being shadow-banned. Fans and friends of Wayne’s often “re-tweet” Wayne’s posts, and even though they may have only 1,000 or 2,000 followers, they get 100 or 200 “likes” and 50 to 100 comments on Wayne’s re-tweeted posts; Wayne, on the other hand, with 118,000 followers (on X) receives no likes or comments.

Please have this heavy shadow-ban removed from Wayne’s page at X.

We know something is wrong because before Wayne was banned at Twitter (in the Fall of 2020). Wayne was adding 20,000 fans per month to his page at Twitter.

Once you took over and reinstated Wayne…he adds almost ZERO (with his own national TV and radio shows). There is obviously something amiss here.

Also, back in the Fall of 2020 right before he was banned…Wayne posted “tweets” that were re-tweeted and viewed by hundreds of thousands of Twitter fans.

In fact, several of Wayne’s tweets back then reached over 1 million people at Twitter.

Now, with you at the helm and Wayne having been reinstated, Wayne’s “tweets” reach virtually no one, and most of Wayne’s posts receive 0 comments.

Please review this matter and remove the shadow-ban from Wayne’s account at X. We know you believe in and cherish free speech, without censorship.

Please free Wayne from X/Twitter prison! Thank you for your prompt response.

This letter above was sent by my legal team to Elon Musk at X.

So, Elon, what’s the story? I await your response. You can email me at: If you truly believe in freedom and free speech, then clearly, major changes have to take place at X.