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Emergency Alert to Small Business: How One Clause of “Jobs Bill” Could Wipe Out Small Business in America Tomorrow!

By June 15, 2010No Comments
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Proof That Obama is Out to Destroy Small Business.

Turning all of America into California.

I am an economic refugee from California. I escaped to Nevada with my family, my business and my life a decade ago. It was either run for my life, or die trying. I escaped because of the impossible business climate- the highest income and business taxes in the country, the highest workers comp taxes, out of control government employee unions, the most lawyers in the country. It was (and is) a recipe for economic disaster. California had destroyed my ability to do business.

For the last decade, I’ve been traveling the nation as a best-selling author, business speaker and political leader comparing California to Nevada. At each stop I extol the virtues of Nevada- smaller government, fewer government employees, less power for unions and lawyers, far lower taxes. Quite simply, Nevada gives a small business owner a chance to live, to survive, to prosper. It’s called economic freedom. All small business owners want is for government to get out of the way and stop stealing our money. We can’t build a good business without the seed capital you are stealing. If the business actually works, we can’t expand without that money you are stealing. We can’t create jobs without that money you are stealing. It’s this simple- in Nevada we can build, survive, and prosper. In California we can’t.

Yesterday my gut instincts were validated in a big way. Chief Executive magazine surveyed business leaders across America and they rated Nevada as the 5th best state in America to do business…and California dead last (that’s #50 out of 50 states for those of you who need teleprompters to think). The bottom 5 states (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, New York and California) are all deep purple states with high taxes, too many government employees (that loot and bankrupt the taxpayers), too many rules and regulations that strangle business, too powerful unions, and too many lawyers.

Yet on a national basis, Obama and his socialist friends in Congress are trying desperately to replicate California, New York and Michigan- where business owners, retirees, and taxpayers are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands. In just the past few weeks Obama and his anti-economic freedom Congress have tried to pass 2 bills that each could wipe out small business, destroy millions of jobs, and cause a mass exodus of business owners and high income earners out of this country (just as millions of taxpayers have escaped from New York, Michigan and California). Taken together they are a message from Obama: WE ARE OUT TO SIEZE YOUR PROPERTY, STEAL YOUR MONEY, AND DESTROY YOUR LIFE IF YOU OWN A SMALL BUSINESS.

The first one was part of the 2000+ page Obamacare bill that passed, so it is now law. Starting in 2012 every business owner in America must send out a 1099 to the I.R.S. for every bill they pay that adds up to $600 or more in the course of a year. This new law will create a blizzard of compliance issues and paperwork, and an I.R.S. Nanny State never before even imagined. The cost of compliance will be billions of dollars- in the middle of a depression. Very few small business owners have the time, money or manpower (teams of accountants, controllers, bookkeepers) to comply with this new law. It is intended to bleed small business dry and suffocate us under a blizzard of paperwork and I.R.S. tax compliance. If it isn’t overturned by a new Congress before January 1, 2012, say goodbye to millions of jobs.

The 2nd disaster should be called “The Destroy Small Business Instantly Act.” It is part of the “jobs bill” that is coming up for a vote this week. Warning: Congress is trying to create jobs again- even though every other time they’ve tried, they’ve failed miserably. When will they learn- government can’t create jobs, it can only waste money and kill jobs. Congress is proposing to hit every small business in America with a deadly new 15% tax on profits. That’s on top of all the stifling taxes already on the books. This new 15% tax will be assessed on every Sub Chapter S company- which defines every small business and entrepreneur in this country. S Corps are primarily sole proprietorships and businesses of less than 5 employees that create most of the jobs and pay most of the taxes in America. They cannot survive with another 15% of their money stolen on a whim of Obama. They need this 15% of profits, in the middle of a depression, to create new jobs, or keep current ones employed.

This bill would instantly put most of the small businesses in America out of business. Since small business creates 75% of all new jobs, think of the implications. This is Obama’s way to take the cap off 15% FICA taxes without anyone noticing. This is fraud. It is theft that would make the mafia blush. It is a disgrace. This dishonors the hardest working people in America- small business owners. Obama should be impeached for trying to destroy mom and pop stores all over America.

The battle lines are drawn- it’s us against them. It’s small business against Obama. It’s small business versus big unions and big government. It’s capitalism and what’s left of the American Dream against socialists, marxists and communists. It’s Obama’s attempt to turn all of America into one big California. It’s time to stop this out of control administration. This bill must be stripped out of the jobs bill before small business is wiped off the face of the earth. Obama must be stopped. Please call your Congressman and Senator today.