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By Wayne Allyn Root


I was the first political commentator in the country to predict a GOP landslide in Tuesday’s election. I described the predicted GOP landslide as “massive and historic.” 

I stuck with the prediction even in the face of the Wall Street Journal front page story on Tuesday (Election Day) reporting on races across the country tightening.

Tuesday’s results literally define “massive and historic.” The GOP needed to win six U.S. Senate seats. It looks like they’ve won a remarkable nine (with a comfortable lead in Alaska and a projected win in the December Louisiana runoff). The 12 House seats won by the GOP now expands the GOP majority to historic levels. 

But there are more highlights. The GOP destroyed Jimmy Carter’s grandson in Georgia’s Governor race. Governor Scott Walker was re-elected in Wisconsin despite tens of millions spent by unions across the country. The GOP elected Governors in deep, deep blue states like Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland. Obama himself campaigned for the Democrat Governor candidate Anthony Brown in Maryland. The man that some in the media called “mini Obama” went down to a stunning defeat. Michelle Obama campaigned for Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas. He lost big time in the same state where he won 79% of the vote only six years ago. Hillary and Bill campaigned all over the country- almost every candidate they supported was wiped out (only Senator Sheehan in New Hampshire won). And the defeat of a Democratic Governor in the President’s home state hasn’t happened since 1892. When I predicted “massive and historic,” I might have understated the results!

So what happened? How did I know what was about to transpire?

This was a total rejection, repudiation and condemnation of everything Obama believes in. This was middle class America telling Obama to shove it where the sun don’t shine. I wrote the national bestseller, “The Murder of the Middle Class” pointing out what Obama and his socialist cabal were doing to America, capitalism and the great American middle class. What we all just witnessed was a middle class uprising. This was THE REVENGE OF THE MIDDLE CLASS. 

What woke the sleeping giant? What caused the middle class to rise up against Obama? In my previous commentaries I explained that the root of Obama’s election day debacle would be the Obama lies about the economy and the twin disasters of Obamacare and Ebola.

Let’s start with the economy. Obama constantly repeats the lie that the “economy is improving” and “we are in recovery.” But middle class America knows otherwise. The election results prove middle class voters are no longer buying Obama’s lies or the government’s manipulated economic statistics. In exit polls 70% of voters said the economy is bad, versus 30% that called it “improving.”

Then there’s the centerpiece of this middle class economic disaster known as “Obamacare.” Millions of Americans have either seen their health insurance cancelled, or gotten dramatic premium price increases. These were the angry, intense, motivated voters of the 2014 midterm elections. This was a vote to gain revenge on the man who promised “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.”

Then there’s Ebola. Obama’s response to this potential deadly pandemic has ranged from inept and incompetent, to downright dangerous. Look no further than the new Ebol Czar, who has no medical background and who has never been seen again since the day his appointment was announced. Maybe he’s in quarantine? Ebola made it clear to angry middle class Americans that our president is not keeping our children safe at night. I always believed that Ebola was simply “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Ebola may have so far only killed one person in America, but it just killed the entire Democratic Party.

But the reality is elections aren’t won or lost just based on issues. Elections are won based on “the ground game.” It’s not who supports a candidate or party that matters…it’s who brings the most voters to the polls. Back in 2012 Obama put together the most sophisticated “ground game” to get out the Democratic vote in the history of American politics.

The GOP failed miserably at the same “ground game.” The GOP actually had no ground game. Their new “get out the vote” system (named ORCA) bombed on the morning of the national election- meaning the GOP never turned out a single vote.

The failure of the GOP vote tracking system changed the outcome of the entire presidential election. Having no idea if your most loyal voters have gone to the polls or not, is like flying a plane blind.

Fast forward to today. Two crucial political developments have changed in favor of the GOP. These are the two concrete reasons for the GOP landslide:

First, the GOP is now for the first time effectively competing with the Obama machine in the “ground game.” The GOP turn-out-the-vote machine was so effective this time around that the GOP actually pulled even with Democrats or led in early voting in places where Republicans often lose by large percentages.

This is very good news. As a matter of fact it had never happened before. Republicans always lose the early voting, then desperately try to play “catch-up” on Election Day. No more. 

Second, there are now Voter ID laws in place in fifteen states where none existed in 2012. And in 22 states where none existed in 2010.

Not only are Democrats great at getting out the vote, they are even better at getting out fraudulent voters. Voter ID prevents election fraud. That is very bad news for Obama and his allies moving forward. 

Tuesday’s “massive and historic” GOP landslide will usher in a dramatic change in political power in Washington DC. The question is what will the GOP do with it? 

The answers to that question will determine the future of the Republican Party…American politics…and America itself. There is so much to do. Let’s get to work.