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Harry Reid- Radical, Extreme and Dangerous for Nevada

By October 15, 2010No Comments
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Nevada is “Canary in the Coal Mine” for Tea Party Landslide on November 2nd

By Wayne Allyn Root, Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee and Best-Selling Author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian."

The final nail was driven into the coffin of the Obama agenda on Thursday night by a Reno, Nevada grandmother. Look to Nevada on the evening of November 2nd to see the power of the historic Tea Party tsunami. After spending over $20 Million defining Sharron Angle as radical, extreme and dangerous, if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid loses to this Tea Party grandmother, then you can bet it’s all over for the Obama agenda. The big government, pro union, anti/business socialists (aka Democrats) will be going down to landslide defeats all across the country. And here’s my advice: YOU CAN BET ON IT.

You gotta love a state where the constitution bans taxes and welcomes guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. But starting on November 2nd, Nevada will be known as the state that fueled the Tea Party citizen revolution.

It all started earlier this week when Sharron Angle announced she’d raised a staggering $14.3 million in the 3rd quarter- the second biggest haul in the history of American politics. I’d have given a million dollars to see the faces of Reid and his campaign managers when they heard the news. I’ll bet “shock, awe, and violent waves of nausea” best described their reactions.

Then came the big Thursday night debate. Reid had painted Angle as ignorant, radical, extreme and dangerous. Yet the grandmother from Reno came across as credible, sincere, honest, and filled with common sense. She stood toe-to-toe with the United States Senate Majority Leader and never flinched. The line of the night came from Angle when she stared down her opponent and said, “Man up Harry Reid.” I’ll bet Harry’s handlers got a little weak in the groin area after that line.

Harry Reid, the man who has carried the water for the Obama socialist agenda of tax, spend, and bankrupt America, is the one who came across as radical, extreme and dangerous. Sharron Angle showcased common sense in proving that wanting to lower taxes and allow people to keep more of their own money isn’t extreme. Wanting to raise taxes in a depression on job creators and small business owners- now THAT’S extreme.

Angle proved that wanted to reform and personalize (partially privatize) a failing Social Security system is not extreme. Wanting to keep the status quo for a system that threatens to implode and bankrupt the entire economy- now THAT’S extreme.

Angle proved that wanting to reform education and eliminate the bloated Department of Education to bring the money back to Nevada, where local parents can decide what’s best for Nevada’s children, is not extreme. Wanting to keep the status quo for a disastrous public education system that is miserably failing our children- now THAT’S extreme.

Angle proved that wanting to cut spending to reduce the deficit and debt isn’t radical. Wanting big government to keep printing and spending money we don’t have- now THAT’S extreme.

Most extreme of all would be re-electing the man who dug a $100 trillion dollar hole of deficit, debt, earmarks, bailouts, stimulus-to-nowhere, and unfunded liabilities that threatens to destroy the American Dream for our children and grandchildren. It was on Harry Reid’s watch that America went bankrupt. Could anything be more radical, dangerous, or irresponsible than sending him back to the Senate?

Earlier in the day my good friend, Eric Singer, of the Congressional Effect Fund explained on The FOX Business Network that throughout history the best investment strategy is to buy stocks when Congress is out of town. You heard correctly. For the past half century, when Congress is in session, the stock market is up about 1%. When Congress is out of session or on vacation, the stock market is up over 17%. Since ‘2000 the market is actually down 8% when Congress is in session (much of that time presided over by Harry Reid), and up 9% when Congress is out of town. Moral to the story? Elitist-lawyers-turned-politicians like Reid aren’t saving us when they create new laws. They are damaging the U.S. economy and the American people.

Eric Singer didn’t know it, but he was proving why Harry Reid should be retired. During his debate, Harry proudly stated again and again how important he has been to Nevada and the country. How many rules and regulations he’s passed to "save" us all. How many jobs he’s “created” by spending our money. How government helps us all in so many ways.

Singer’s facts prove that we need to stop Harry from helping us. With friends like him, it’s no wonder our children and grandchildren owe over $100 trillion dollars. Please stop helping us Harry. We can’t take anymore of your help. The more you help, the worse it gets. History proves that Harry Reid and his friends in Congress are actually the cause of our misery.

The common sense of a Tea Party grandmother is just what the doctor ordered. We need a Tea Party “citizen politician” who says “no” to more spending, “no” to bailouts, “no” to bigger government, ”no” to higher taxes, and “no” to digging the hole deeper. We certainly need fewer rules, regulations and laws created by the lawyers, for the lawyers, to screw the people.

And then there was the final zinger of the night from Angle: “Senator Reid, how did a poor boy from Searchlight Nevada become a multi-millionaire on the government payroll?” You could feel the air going out of Reid as he stumbled and stammered. A simple grandmother had ripped the privilege, power, and intimidation factor from the U.S. Senator who lives like political royalty at the Ritz Carlton. Suddenly the emperor had no clothes. How indeed Harry?

On November 2nd Nevada will show America how to throw a citizen revolution. Nevada will show America who the real radicals, extremists and dangerous thieves are- the elitists, lawyers, and career D.C. politicians. Nevadans will fire a shot heard around the world with a message to the United States Senate Majority Leader- “HARRY REID, YOU’RE FIRED!”