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By Wayne Allyn Root

Have you seen the latest polls? Not only is Trump winning the GOP presidential primary by a mile in every credible poll, but he’s beating Biden by a large margin in the general election too- in both the latest Rasmussen and Harris-Harvard polls.

But there’s something else brewing among the American electorate. Something utterly remarkable. Despite all the negative press…and hatred…and vitriol…and indictments…Donald J. Trump also holds the title of “the most popular politician in America.” Amazing.

But I’m not done with the remarkable part yet. Guess who is tied for number one with Trump? Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Holy cannoli!

RFK Jr. just announced for president a couple of weeks ago. There’s a total blackout and blacklist of RFK in the mainstream media. And the DNC has already announced there will be no Democrat presidential debates- denying RFK any platform to reach the voters. Yet RFK Jr is tied for number one most popular politician in America? How can this be?


The answer is…as James Carville would say… “It’s the Covid vaccine, stupid.”

RFK Jr. knows what I have known for 2 ½ years…and he boldly says out loud what I have said on my national radio and TV shows for 2 ½ years…the Covid vaccine is the biggest failure, disaster and coverup in the history of healthcare. It never worked. It is dangerous and deadly. It is a killing machine. Except it’s a “silent killer”- because the mainstream media refuses to report about Covid vaccine deaths and injuries. The Covid vaccine deaths are covered up by the media as tightly as Hunter Biden’s laptop.


And the one and only candidate for president talking about this deadly healthcare disaster and fraud is RFK Jr. 

But the American people know. Pretty much every conservative patriot in America (Trump’s base) knows the vaccine is a disaster and deadly. 50% or more of independents know too. And I’m betting at least 25% of Democrats are waking up to the truth too. That’s a gigantic swath of the electorate. JFK Jr. has struck a chord with that large group.

That brings me to President Trump. The media has branded me the most fierce Trump defender in America. They’re right. I’ve been with Trump since the first day. He’s the greatest president of my lifetime. He created the greatest economy in modern history. If given a second term, I’m confident he’ll defeat the DC Swamp and Deep State, turnaround the economy, and go down as one of the five greatest presidents of all-time.

Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the total destruction of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, and Judeo-Christian values.

But he has one weakness. One issue that is hurting him. No, it’s not the indictments. Those are actually helping him. The American people know the Deep State and DC Swamp are persecuting Trump because he stands in the way of their evil plans. Once they destroy Trump, we are all next. We all know that.


Trump’s only weakness is the Covid vaccine. 

And I have the strategy to solve that problem and turn his weakest link into a huge win. Trump doesn’t need to change his views 180 degrees.

Trump simply needs to pledge (as soon as he’s back in the White House) to name a Special Counsel to lead a massive investigation of the Covid vaccine controversy; Dr Fauci’s role; the false claims about the effectiveness of the vaccine; the dangerous side effects that were never disclosed; the trial results that were covered-up; the deaths and injuries that were covered-up; the role of Big Pharma and government agencies in misleading the American people and in paying off the mainstream media; and the silencing, banning and censorship by social media of any dissent about the Covid vaccine.


All of this needs to be investigated and if proven true, prosecuted. So, this can never happen again. 

And to make sure this is carried out honestly; and not whitewashed; and Big Pharma can’t bribe their way out of it; and it’s seen as bi-partisan…


Trump needs to pledge he will appoint RFK Jr. to lead this massive corruption investigation. 

The beauty of my strategy is…Trump doesn’t need to change his opinion of the Covid vaccine. He only has to acknowledge the controversy, commit to investigate and let the chips fall where they may.

This investigation will be about truth and facts. Either the vaccine killed and injured millions around the world, or it didn’t. Either politicians, government bureaucrats, medical experts and the media were bribed to shut up about the deaths and injuries, or not. Either Dr. Fauci is an evil criminal and fraud who misled President Trump and the American people, or not. Let’s find out, once and for all.

But there’s only one way to ensure this massive investigation is carried out honestly and without being whitewashed…


Put RFK Jr. in charge.

This is a simple strategy for President Trump to turn his biggest and only major weakness- the Covid vaccine- into a huge win/win.

Pledge this Special Counsel investigation; pledge to put RFK Jr. in charge; show that you care; show that you’re open to seeing what really happened; and Trump wins back the presidency by a landslide.