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By Wayne Allyn Root

Let’s start with how dumb, desperate and delusional Democrats are – especially Democrat judges. These Colorado Supreme Court morons just added five points to Trump’s lead nationally.

You didn’t learn from all the indictments? Four indictments and each time Trump went up in the polls. But you still didn’t get the message?

Trump goes up every time you try to destroy him like communist KGB thugs, or Nazi Gestapo. The American people can clearly see evil. They can see how you’ve weaponized government against your enemies. They can see how scared you are of Trump. And it brings people who never liked Trump to Trump’s side. You’ve made Trump super-human, a super-hero, and a martyr.


Democrats are clearly a combination of corrupt, evil, mentally-ill and just plain stupid. 

So that brings me to the question, “Why?” Why do something so stupid and blatantly obvious? Why telegraph to the whole American electorate that you’re desperate and scared to death of Trump beating you?

If Trump is such a bad candidate… and so unpopular… and so self-destructive… why not just leave him alone? Let him destroy himself. Let him talk.

If Trump is a surefire loser, why not root for him to win the nomination? Why indict him and make him stronger? Why make him a sympathetic victim? If he’s such an unpopular candidate, shouldn’t you want him to run?


Here are the answers…

  1. Many of these judges around the country (including Colorado)… just like the leaders of the Democrat party around the country… are evil. They are radical communists. They hate America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and God. They’re trying to intentionally divide and destroy this country. They want to create crisis and force a civil war.
  2. Many of these judges around the country (including Colorado)… just like the leaders of the Democrat party around the country… are mentally ill with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” They see Trump and they cannot help themselves. They act irrational and delusional. They throw “the rule of law” and U.S. Constitution out the window in order to stop Trump.
  3. Many of these judges around the country (including Colorado)… just like the leaders of the Democrat party around the country… are corrupt, compromised and dirty. Just like Joe Biden (and his boss Obama), they are bribed and owned by China, the Chinese Communist Party, the Mexican Drug Cartels, George Soros, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and other assorted powerful globalist interests (like the UN and WHO), who hate America and want to destroy us. They are desperate to cling to power and finish the job of destroying America. Only Trump stands in the way.
  4. Many of these judges around the country (including Colorado)… just like the leaders of the Democrat party around the country… are perverts, pedophiles and sexual deviants. They’ve either visited Jeffrey Epstein’s pervert island, or they’re bribed, blackmailed and owned by people who have. They can’t afford to allow Trump to retake power, or they’ll all hang for their crimes.
  5. Because almost every politician, leader and judge in the Democrat Party is owned by either China, or the Mexican Drug Cartels… they need to keep the border open at all costs. They make billions in bribes, kickbacks and “finders fees” for allowing human trafficking, drug trafficking, fentanyl trafficking, pedophilia and terrorism through the wide-open border. They can’t afford to allow Trump to retake power- he’d kill their gravy train.
  6. Most of all, they’re just scared to death that if Trump wins in 2024, he will indict, arrest and convict them of TREASON for their terrible crimes against America and the American people. They have rigged elections; taken bribes; looted billions in taxpayer money; framed Trump and the January 6ers; and worst of all- aided and abetted a massive foreign invasion of our nation to help the enemies of America. The sentence for treason is either death, or life in prison. Their lives are on the line. They cannot let Trump retake power.


Here are three solutions. They are simple…

  1. Disqualify Biden and remove him from the ballot in every red state. Two can play this game. It’s time for the GOP to fight fire with fire. But in Biden’s case, his disqualification is for good legal reason – massive corruption and theft, and the intentional destruction of America, by opening the border and welcoming a foreign invasion.
  2. Red State DA’s and AG’s must indict Biden (and his boss Obama), border czar Kamala Harris, border chief Alejandro Mayorkas and many others involved in this open border plan to destroy our country. We are the Alamo. We are being invaded by military-age males, intent on killing Americans… from China, from Hamas, and from MS-13. All those responsible for this travesty must be indicted for treason and brought to justice. It’s up to Republican red state DA’s and AG’s. Two can play this game. Fight fire with fire, or this great nation will soon be lost forever.
  3. It’s time for a massive TRUMP RALLY in Colorado! Let’s make liberal brains explode. Fill 80,000 seat “Mile High” stadium (the home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos) with 80,000 Trump warriors. Show the whole country… the whole Democrat Party… and those four unelected, Colorado, communist, judges with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that Colorado is “Trump country.” Prove that Trump is loved and adored everywhere – including Colorado. You cannot take the people’s votes away. We will be heard! Shove it right in their faces. This is exactly what these commie traitors are so afraid of. They have no support from the people. This is why they are desperate to disqualify Trump.

My ideas would work – if Republicans had any balls. But they don’t. They are feckless, weak-willed cowards and girlie men. And at least half or more of the GOP leadership is also bribed by China and the Mexican Drug Cartel.

Up next, we’re about to find out where the U.S. Supreme Court stands.