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How 18 of the Smartest & Richest Superstars of Business Plan to Prosper during Obama’s Disastrous Second Term

By April 22, 2013No Comments
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As published at on Monday 4/22/13

By Wayne Allyn Root

It has now become clear that President Obama’s policies will continue to kill jobs, damage the private sector, and destroy the economy in the next four years. After all, they are the same policies that have led to the collapse of the EU economy—happening now before our very eyes. 

But there is good news amidst this terrible economic crisis. Did you know that there were more self-made millionaires created during the Great Depression than in any other period in history? While the vast majority of citizens were crushed, a select smart few Americans made fortunes. That’s because crisis, decline and collapse create great opportunity for those with vision, courage and a unique understanding of what is happening.

So how can you capitalize on this same scenario today? Much like the first Great Depression, we are about to experience “the greatest wealth transfer in world history.” You’ll need to get on the right side. You’ll need a detailed plan that will empower you to do better, even as the economy gets worse. And it will get worse- Obama’s policies guarantee that.

The first thing going in our favor is that Obama is so predictable. He’s going to do what he’s always done: more big government spending and massive cradle-to-grave entitlements. That much is clear as a bell.

Despite the president’s reckless policies and insane levels of spending and debt, your path to success is to create your own “Booming Personal Economy” in the midst of economic collapse. To write my new book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide,” I turned to 18 of the smartest and richest superstars of business and finance for help. I was honored that the most talented and successful businessmen in America agreed to give my readers their valuable advice and game plan for the next four years.

Let me give you a small taste of what they told me.

First, let me demonstrate something: If you had invested $1 million in 1913 (kept your money in the bank, or put it under the mattress), your assets today would be worth about $40,000. But if you had instead invested in gold, your assets would be worth $87 million.

Our reckless and spendthrift politicians and inept government have let it happened again and again. In 1971 if you had invested the same $1 million in the dollar, today it’s worth $200,000. If you had chosen gold instead, you’d have about $47,000,000. How about the year 2000? Today your $1 million investment in the dollar would be worth $663,000. If you chose gold, it’s worth about $5,700,000.

The smartest bankers in the world concur. In 2012 Central Bankers of the world’s industrialized nations bought more gold to protect their countries than in all the years since 1964 combined. They know what my 18 business superstars know: bad times are coming. If you don’t invest in precious metals to protect your assets, you are playing Russian Roulette with your family’s future.

And now it’s the perfect time to buy… Gold and silver have had a large decline in the past week. Count your blessings. You can now buy at a big discount! The masses are (as usual) headed for disaster—panicking and selling gold at its lowest point in years…and crowding (like a herd of cattle) into stocks, bonds, and the U.S. dollar at their highest points. History suggests this is not a good move. My 18 millionaires and billionaires friends are using this drop in price to buy gold with both fists!

The Superstars of Finance also agree that you should…

*Move to a no tax state like Texas, Nevada, or Florida. Over the course of a typical 40-year working life you can save an extra $1,000,000 for your retirement, without actually earning one dollar more or working any harder. You save the extra money simply because you keep more of what you earned.

*Invest in energy stocks. Instead of complaining about the price of gas and heating your home, prosper from it!

*Invest in farmland and agriculture stocks. Instead of complaining about the dramatic rise in the price of food, prosper from it!

*Invest in medical real estate, and medical stocks. Instead of complaining about how much the government is wasting on Obamacare, prosper from it!

*Invest in foreign stocks, bonds and real estate. You already have a home, a career, and a pension fund invested in America. It’s time to diversify. Obama was right about one thing: you must “spread your wealth around”—to countries that have lower taxes, more opportunity, better demographics, and a brighter future than America under Obama.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – and you’ll need a very sturdy lifeboat to weather this storm! As I detail in my book “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, ” you’ll need an 18-point plan I call Y-PODS: Your Personal Obama Defense Shield. These investment ideas will allow you to survive, thrive and prosper, even while many around you lose their jobs, assets, incomes and belief in themselves and America.

When it comes to Obama—First get mad, then GET EVEN. This is how you do it!

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, and Libertarian-conservative media commentator. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He serves as Executive Vice Chairman of the Conservative Caucus in Washington DC. Wayne’s latest book is out on April 15, 2013: The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive and Prosper During Obamageddon. Wayne’s twitter: