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By June 27, 2014No Comments
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As published by TheBlaze on 6/27/14


By Wayne Allyn Root


Donald Trump is a brilliant guy. I have a way for him to end Obama’s destruction of capitalism and the U.S. economy and save America at the same time. Are you listening Donald?


It takes genius to make billions of dollars in the dog-eat-dog Manhattan real estate world. Donald became the king of Big Apple real estate. Impressive.


But he’s a step above all that. He’s the only billionaire to extend his fame and mega-success into reality television. Trump might make more money from “The Apprentice” than from real estate nowadays.

The Trump brand has increased by billions because of the celebrity factor.


“The Donald” is the world’s king of branding and promotion. But he’s more than a billionaire businessman and branding genius. He’s a patriot who loves his country and clearly sees that Barack Obama is ruining it.


Like me, Donald is one of the loudest, boldest and most outspoken public critics of this President.


Like me, I’m certain Donald understands the terrible decline and disaster of the US economy under Obama is no mistake. It’s a purposeful plan by a radical Marxist tyrant who has always hated America and capitalism- starting in his college days at Columbia University.


What mistake? Obama is the greatest spender in the history of America (and the world).


Obama is the greatest debt creator in the history of America.


Obama has imposed more regulations than any President in history.


And Obama is the greatest taxer in the history of America. Obamacare alone is the largest tax increase ever.


But worse, Obama has tried to impose 442 new taxes that were blocked by a Republican congress.


If he was allowed to get his way, Obama would have turned America into Cuba, Venezuela, East Germany or the old Soviet Union. So the failure of the economy is no mistake. There is a plan. It’s working.


Donald Trump must understand time is running out for America. Obama has 2 years left to finish the job. So how do we stop Obama?


That’s where Donald Trump comes in. It’s time for Trump to play hero. Trump has billions. To him $50 million is a pittance. It’s like pulling $50 from my wallet. It’s time for Donald to put on his white cowboy hat and become the hero that saves our country.


I’m calling on Trump to offer a $50 million reward to any IRS employee (or employees) that come forward with information leading to the impeachment of Barack Obama, or the conviction of his top White House aides. The IRS scandal is the smoking gun. My gut instincts say that the orders to target, persecute, intimidate and destroy critics of the President came directly from the Obama White House.


Obama knew. He was in the middle of the conspiracy. Obama was there when the gameplan was devised. Can he be directly tied to it? Probably not. I’m betting nothing was ever in writing. But his top aides gave the orders to IRS officials. That’s precisely why the emails were destroyed.


No one would have gone to such an extreme unless those emails tied the orders directly to the highest levels of the White House. Just “the dog ate my homework” excuse is so pathetic and embarrassing, it proves that those emails held direct evidence of a White House conspiracy. Why else would smart and important people tell such a pathetic lie? Because the alternative is prison.


I’m betting this Obama/IRS criminal conspiracy was then coordinated by his top aides (Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel). John Gotti could not have thought up a more cunning, vicious crime to punish and intimidate his enemies. Everyone involved must go to prison.


Well let’s test my gut instincts. The IRS scandal is the best shot we have to impeach Obama, destroy his Presidency once and for all, and put a stop to his conspiracy to destroy America, capitalism, American exceptionalism, the U.S. Constitution and Judeo Christian values.


It’s time to play hardball. This isn’t badminton at the country club. The future of America is at stake. Our children’s  future is at stake. This has to end…and end now.


The IRS scandal is the key. Using the IRS to go after political opponents sunk Nixon. It was the second Article of Impeachment.

This Obama-IRS scandal is far worse. Obama used the IRS to go after Christian ministers, pro Israel groups, Pro-Constitution groups, veteran groups, conservative groups, Tea Parties, cancer victims

…and leading media critics like me. Now it turns out IRS official Lois Lerner was targeting a GOP United States Senator


All of this happened while the head of the IRS was meeting at the Obama White House more than any other cabinet secretary. And while the head of the IRS employees union was meeting with Obama personally the night before the targeting began.


But this goes far beyond targeting enemies and trying to silence free speech. Obama had lost in the biggest landslide in modern history in 2010. The Tea Parties had to be stopped. So Obama used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. Then he appointed big Obama donors to head the IRS and lead the investigation into the scandal.

Then the IRS made sure thousands of emails (the key evidence) were destroyed. This is the grandest boldest conspiracy in world history.


It’s also the greatest chance to destroy the Obama Presidency, impeach Obama, and convict his top aides of criminal conspiracy against the American people. Or don’t you remember how many of Nixon’s top aides went to prison? What they did is child’s play compared to this IRS scandal.


Only Donald Trump can make this happen with his money, his mouth, and his celebrity. Offer $50 million. Make the offer so grand that it gets everyone’s attention.


Obama can’t control or spin this one. $50 million will loosen sealed lips. Even Lois Lerner might talk for $50 million. It’s worth a few years in jail to collect $50 million. That’s enough money to get all the rats on the IRS ship to start talking. As they come forward to collect their millions, Obama is history. He will go down as the dirtiest president in history. A man who tried to kill free speech. A man who stole the presidency in order to finish the job of destroying the greatest nation in world history.


Think I’m wrong? Let’s bet $50 million. Let’s see who comes forward. I’m betting the floodgates open. I’m betting this is the end of Obama presidency.


Now it’s time for “The Donald” to get to work. Donald, here’s your chance to save America. Good luck and God bless.


Oh and if Donald wants some partners in the deal, I have a funny feeling Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn are available.