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If Conservatives Had a George Floyd…

By September 27, 2020No Comments
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You know why Pro Trump conservatives (like me) are so angry at Black Lives Matter? Not just because they are a violent, anti-American hate group. Not just because their original charter (created by lesbian Marxists) was hateful towards fathers. Not just because everywhere BLM protests, what follows is riots, looting, burning and dead cops. Not just because they scream and chant anti-American, anti-white and anti-police rhetoric. Not just because they celebrate dead police officers.

All of those are reasons enough to be angry at BLM. But worse than all that, pro Trump conservatives are angry because of the way BLM protestors and rioters choose to react to stories they don’t like. Just because you don’t like a police shooting, or a court’s ruling, what gives you the right to riot, loot businesses, burn buildings, destroy property, attack police precincts, takeover downtown business districts, or assault and murder innocent Americans? Who gave you special rights to destroy billions of dollars in property every time you hear a story that upsets you?

The truth is, we all hear and see injustice every day. But on the right, we choose to act like gentlemen and gentlewomen, in a civilized society. We don’t choose to act like thugs, or five-year old children throwing a temper tantrum, each time we see injustice, or bias, or liberal hate towards the things we believe in.

Conservatives have a George Floyd too. Except our George Floyd was a real hero, not a lifelong criminal and drug addict. Our George Floyd wasn’t in and out of prison his whole adult life. Our George Floyd wasn’t pumped up with a fatal dose of fentanyl. Our George Floyd didn’t commit a crime, or resist arrest, or fight police before he died.

Jake Gardner is our George Floyd.

A former Marine and decorated Iraq war vet, Jake Gardner owned a bar in Omaha, Nebraska. He was inside his bar when BLM thugs attacked. They broke his windows and then invaded his bar. He feared for his life. Gardner reported feeling like he was back in Iraq, in the middle of a war zone.

Gardner pulled the fire alarm, called the police and then went outside with his father to escape the violent mob invasion of his business. His father was attacked, knocked to the ground. Gardner tried to help his father. He struggled on the ground with attackers, fired two warning shots, then he fired his gun, killing a violent thug. This was the clearest case of self-defense by a business owner in history.

The DA cleared Gardner and declared it a case of self-defense. The video of the incident confirmed it was self-defense.

But the BLM mob wasn’t happy. After weeks of protest, a “Special Prosecutor” was named. Frederick Franklin, a crusading liberal prosecutor with clear bias against Trump supporters, charged Garner with manslaughter, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, first degree assault and “terroristic threats.”

Can you imagine? Liberals think defending your life and property from violent thugs makes a Marine war hero into a “terrorist.” Gardner received hundreds of frightening death threats. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Finally, desperate, overwhelmed, no doubt suffering from PTSD, scared of never getting a fair trial, and being murdered in prison, this hero vet and business owner committed suicide a few days ago.

Jake Gardner is dead. But I don’t call it suicide. This was murder. A Marine war hero was murdered by liberals, Black Lives Matter, and vile, vicious, prejudiced prosecutor, Frederick Franklin.

This tragic and terrible story is our George Floyd on steroids. This is Exhibit A for everything wrong with America, liberalism, Soros-funded prosecutors and judges, and the Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

This is the worst story I’ve ever heard. How could America treat a hero Marine and business owner like this? We should all be ashamed. Our blood should be boiling. This could have been any one of us. It could have been any of our sons. We should all be protesting, rioting, looting, burning and bringing the economy to a halt.

Except conservatives don’t do that.

So once again, we get punished for being well-behaved, for respecting the property of others, for obeying the law. This poor hero Jake Gardner dies in vain. And BLM and a demented liberal prosecutor will never be punished for ending the life of an American hero.

Are conservatives ever going to get mad. What will it take?

RIP Jake Gardner. God bless you. I’m ashamed this could ever happen in America.