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By Wayne Allyn Root

My title for this column was meant to be funny, attention-getting and a bit tongue-in-cheek. But what my headline represents is real. It is “serious as a heart attack,” as the famous saying goes.

For all intents and purposes, President Trump is now the GOP nominee for President. It’s time to start the general election campaign. And I have the plan…

President Trump needs to go after the black vote 24/7 for the next nine months. This is THE road to victory.

I’m no Johnny-Come-Lately. I’ve been recommending this strategy for President Trump for many years. I wrote about it way back during the 2016 campaign. I wrote about it again during the 2020 race. I’ve given speeches about it.

The strategy is simple. President Trump already has the overwhelming majority of white middle-class voters. White middle-class America is “all-in” for Trump. Trump “had them at hello!”

But President Trump cannot win the 2024 election with just middle-class white votes. Even if it’s virtually ALL OF THEM!

Trump has so many white votes locked up, if he gets even a slight increase in black and minority votes, he will win a landslide.

That’s why President Trump needs to campaign 24/7 for the next nine months for black and minority votes. That’s the whole ballgame, the whole kitchen sink, the whole enchilada.

If Trump grabs an extra 10% to 20% of the black vote, “the fat lady sings.”

So, go after the black vote with TV ads on networks with large black audiences. Go after the black youth vote with interviews on urban black radio stations. Hold rallies in majority-black inner cities. Especially cities in battleground states where a few extra black votes could tilt the election…

  • Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens in New York (which could be in play).
  • Philadelphia in winnable Pennsylvania.
  • Atlanta in winnable Georgia.
  • Milwaukee in winnable Wisconsin.
  • Detroit in winnable Michigan.

The point is to go where no Republican has ever gone. To challenge the hold that Democrats have on black votes everywhere. And to play offense – because the best defense is an aggressive, in-your-face, 24/7 offense on the other guy’s turf.

There are two reasons I understand this strategy perhaps better than any white Republican in America.

First, I grew up in a majority-black town on the Bronx borderline, in Mt. Vernon, New York. I went to a nearly all-black middle school and a nearly all-black high school. I was in a tiny minority of whites at those schools. I was bullied by my black classmates and fought back… I won the respect of my black classmates… and I became best friends with my black classmates.

I was the only white kid in the school who made this breakthrough. I eventually played on the track and football teams with all black classmates.

Secondly, forty years ago, at the age of 21 years old, I ran for major political office in New York… as a Republican-conservative… in a district that was overwhelmingly black… and literally 100% Democrat.

I had zero chance to win. No Republican had ever even come close. It was considered the most unwinnable district for Republicans in the state of New York. My opponent was never defeated in that district – before or since.

But, I had a plan to “take the race to her” in black neighborhoods. To campaign in all-black “project buildings” where no Republican had ever set foot before. And to wear out the shoe leather until I knocked on the door of every black voter in my district.

Black residents were shocked in those poverty-stricken, graffiti-covered, high-crime “project buildings” when they answered the door and standing in front of them was a white 21-year-old Republican asking for their vote!

I didn’t win that race. But I gave the incumbent Democrat the race of her lifetime. I had the highest vote totals in all-black “project buildings” – than any Republican ever.

And I made it the closest race of my opponent’s entire career – before or after. She won twenty races and lost 0. But I came the closest of anyone ever.

Because I dared to campaign where no Republican had ever gone before.

She called me on the night of the election and said to me, “Please promise me you’ll never run against me again. I can’t take another race like that. I’ll have a heart attack.”

I understand black voters like perhaps no other white Republican in America. I understand what it takes to win their votes. And I know Trump can get the highest black vote totals of any Republican in history – and lock up the 2024 election.

Trump already starts with several major advantages:

  • Black voters feel kinship with a man being persecuted by a weaponized government and an unjust justice system.
  • Black voters have gotten nothing from the Democrat Party in all these years – other than broken promises and welfare checks. Look around at black inner-city neighborhoods. No Democrat has ever given them opportunity, mobility, or prosperity. What do black voters have to lose? It can’t get any worse.
  • Now look at Trump’s first term. Trump gave black voters criminal justice reform… a prosperous economy… and the lowest black unemployment in history.

Biden and Democrats have handed the opportunity of a lifetime to Trump and the GOP.

Democrats have chosen illegal aliens over black citizens. Because of open borders, black communities, schools and healthcare are being overrun. Crime is exploding. Drugs are everywhere. Budgets are busted. There is no money left for black citizens. Even in Chicago black voters are threatening to vote Republican.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get blacks to vote Republican. Even if Michelle Obama replaces Joe Biden – as I’ve predicted for over a year, President Trump will still get historic levels of black male votes.

President Trump, this is your chance to win 2024 by a massive landslide. But you have to fight for it. Take my advice…

“If you campaign black, you will be back (in the White House).”