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By Wayne Allyn Root

What just happened in Israel is stunning , shocking and sickening. I am a Jewish American. My heart cries for the Jewish people of Israel. And as a Trump Republican Jew who believes in the right of self-defense and the death penalty for murder, I support whatever Israel does next. to fight back. Anything goes. I say no mercy.

As Jamie Foxx said to Jennifer Garner in the movie “Kingdom” when she asked what we were going to do about the radical Islamic terrorists who had just killed hundreds of Americans, Jamie Foxx whispered “We’re gonna kill them all.”

Like the message America sent during WW2 when we turned Berlin into a parking lot…and dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

That’s the only message that will put an end to this madness. Hunt every terrorist down and kill them all. And if Iran funded it, coordinated it and gave the green light, turn Iran into a parking lot too.


But my first loyalty- numbers 1 through 1,000- goes to America. 

This is my home. I’ll always stand with Israel, but this is my priority. America first, America second, America third, America forever.

The problem is…what just happened in Israel is coming here. Soon. The terror attack on Israel was the preliminary battle. The “Main Event” is coming to America. Anyone with a brain, common sense and gut instinct can see that, and feel that, and know that.

We can all thank Joe Biden (and his boss Barack Obama) for their open border strategy to intentionally, purposefully destroy America and replace American citizens with tens of millions of illegal aliens.

How did Hamas and their bloodthirsty terrorist murderers invade Israel? By cutting the wire in the fence at the border and driving trucks through. And by parachuting from the sky.

But here in America the terrorists (or any enemy of America like China) don’t have to worry about getting in. Thanks to Biden (and his boss Obama) the border is wide open. The bad guys are already here- by the millions. And millions more are coming.

Biden (and his boss Obama) have already let in between 6 and 8 million illegal aliens. They welcomed them in. It’s a flood, a tsunami, a full scale invasion of America. Except Biden and his communist comrades are waving the enemy in, paying them to fly wherever they want, and paying for first class accomodations. The illegal invaders are treated better than Americans.

Keep in mind, the 6 to 8 million figure is very low. That’s just the ones we caught. The “got-aways” could be two or three times higher. Biden (and his boss Obama) may have flooded America with 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, or more illegal invaders.


America is now foreign to Americans. 

Israel was attacked by maybe 1000 terrorists. Out of the millions we’ve recently welcomed in, how many are terrorists or terror cells? How many are planning terror attacks? How many have brought dirty bombs into the USA? Nuclear attacks that could leave a major American city uninhabitable for decades. How many intend on poisoning a water supply for an entire city? How many are planning on bombing the new World Trade Center? Or the Hoover Dam?

No one knows, do they? How could they? Israeli and U.S. intelligence couldn’t see the Hamas attack coming from a few yards across the Israeli border. Our government had to ask citizens for help finding a missing military jet. You think they know where these millions of illegals are and what they’re up to?

And our DOJ, FBI, CIA, DC Swamp and Deep State are too busy targeting conservatives, PTA parents and Catholics at church.

They’re too busy torturing J6 peaceful protestors kept in solitary confinement, in third world prison conditions, without civil or human rights.

But here’s the real problem. There are tens of thousands of Chinese military-age males in the country. Why are they here? How did they travel 10,000 miles and cross an ocean to get here? Who paid for that long, expensive journey? And how did they get out of China, a communist totalitarian police state?


We now have an army in the USA ready to attack at any moment.

Get ready. Government won’t be there to help when we need them. Government isn’t on our side. The enemy is within. The police won’t be there- they’re already overwhelmed. They’ve been defunded and a third of cops have retired. There is no one to replace them.

And the military is too busy focusing on climate change, transgender ideology, diversity and flying rainbow flags. Those who can fight have been force vaccinated with a deadly experimental vaccine. Good luck depending on our woke, weakened military.


We’re all on our own.

Israel was just the prelim. “The Main Event” is coming to America and a city near you. Stay frosty. Get armed. Get ready. The battle for America starts soon.

Watch for my Part 2 tomorrow. Because I know China’s next move. I know exactly what I’d do next, if I was running China. If I know the right move, trust me, they know it too. I’ll lay it out in detail in 24 hours.