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Is America for sale?

By April 9, 2010No Comments
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The Congressman Stupak Mystery: Retirement or Legal Bribery?

Congressman Bart Stupak announced his retirement this morning. Really? I wonder why? I wonder what Obama, Reid and Pelosi (The Axis of Taxes) promised him in return for destroying his career? You think maybe millions of dollars for a cushy lobbyist job in DC for life? This is legal bribery. It's what I predicted from day one. I believe that key Democratic votes for Obamacare were bought with promises of jobs for life from FOD (Friends of the Democratic Party). These "friends" just happen to benefit from Obamacare and other big government programs…and of course they make big contributions to Obama. This is in my opinion fraud. This is how Obama passed healthcare bill. By promising a win/win for every Democratic Senator and Congressmen. If they win re-election, all is fine and dandy and they keep their cushy jobs for life. If they lose, they get a huge raise from $175,000 per year (plus all they can steal under the table) to perhaps $1,000,000 per year as a lobbyist or a D.C. law firm partner. Win if you win, win even bigger if you lose!

This is disgusting. This Bart Stupak retirement from Congress smells like fraud to me. This is proof positive of the outright theft of taxpayer money. This is proof positive that taxpayers are being sold down a river. Stupak sold out for trillion dollar fraud known as Obamacare. Every single Democrat from a conservative or moderate district knew they'd be giving up their careers, but they also knew there were trillions of dollars on the line for Democratic donors. This is how you steal trillions of taxpayer dollars and dramatically increase the size of government. Bribery is at the root of all of this.