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Is America Now Officially A Banana Republic?

By November 23, 2012No Comments
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Published at on 11/22/12

By Wayne Allyn Root

Barack Obama’s election, the events leading up to it and the way the media have treated Obama certainly seem to indicate that America has officially become a Banana Republic. You know, one of those places where leaders control the media and the election outcomes, too.

For example, take the election results. Not a word in the mainstream media about massive voting irregularities. Not a word mentioned that Mitt Romney won every State requiring voter photo ID, or that Obama won in closely contested States that require no voter ID, like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania. Was there voter fraud? We don’t know. You’d think an investigative reporter somewhere might be interested in this story? Amazingly, the media say nothing.

Or how about the impossible fact that in 59 voting precincts in Philadelphia, Romney got zero votes? Statistically impossible. Yet it happened in 59 precincts in one city and nine precincts in Cleveland. And in urban voting precincts in Florida, Illinois and Colorado (States wide open for fraud), Romney got zero votes. In many other inner-city precincts it was 100-1, 450-1, 315-1. This just isn’t possible. Yet the media say nothing.

Or what about the historic correlation between voter enthusiasm and winning? In 2008, Obama had all the enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, he won. This time around, polls proved that conservatives had a huge edge in enthusiasm and intensity. The tables had reversed. Romney rallies attracted 20,000 and 30,000 enthusiastic fans, while Obama rallies attracted embarrassingly low numbers.

On a personal level, I had reports from hundreds of friends and fans who excitedly reported three- to four-hour lines to vote in suburban conservative and Christian areas across this country. Yet we are told Romney had about 2 million fewer votes than John McCain received in 2008. Impossible. In multiple States there were reports of electronic voting changing Romney votes to Obama votes. Something certainly appears off. Someone should at least be investigating. Yet still the media say nothing.

Polls showed military members supported Romney by landslide numbers. So Democrats actively suppressed military voting, doing everything in their power to make it extremely difficult for soldiers to cast a vote. The media say nothing.

By the way, none of this may have affected the election results. Romney may have had literally no support from blacks, Latinos, women or college students in many areas of the country. Maybe there was no ballot box stuffing in urban precincts. Maybe Obama’s supporters didn’t vote multiple times with no voter ID required. Maybe the military really didn’t care to vote. But shouldn’t the media be mentioning the controversy? Isn’t it their job to investigate and prove it wrong? Yet the media say nothing.

Hurricane Sandy decimates New York and New Jersey. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response is pathetic, embarrassing, close to criminal. No food or water for days. No power for weeks. FEMA did not pre-position the most basic of supplies — like bottled water. They were completely unprepared, incompetent, invisible. This was Obama’s Hurricane Katrina. Yet while Bush was vilified, blamed and called “racist,” the media praised Obama, never blamed him; and 15 percent of voters call his response significant in their decision to vote for him on Election Day.

Then there’s Benghazi, Libya and the U.S. Consulate disaster. President Obama was warned that our Libyan consulate faced an attack on 9/11. He did nothing. The consulate asked for beefed up security. He did nothing. Four brave Americans died — including our ambassador. Obama’s Administration lackeys watched in real time (with drones filming it all from above) from the comfort of the White House Situation Room. They did nothing. SEAL teams begged for permission to rescue our boys. Obama ordered them to stand down. He not only left them behind, he watched them being murdered. Yet the media say nothing. 

Then he covered it all up. CIA Chief General Petraeus reported to Obama, declaring it a terrorist attack. But that reference to terrorism was removed. Obama, Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice spent two weeks falsely blaming a YouTube video. Obama referred to the YouTube video four times in a speech at the United Nations two weeks after the attack. This was clearly a cover-up to save Obama’s re-election. This is Watergate with four dead bodies. The media say nothing.

Days before the election, out of nowhere, the Obama Labor Department extrapolated that 873,000 new part-time jobs were created in one month. This “miracle” allowed unemployment to miraculously dip below 8 percent after 43 consecutive months. Perfect timing for a politician trained in Chicago fraud politics. The media say nothing.

But now that the election is over, the Department of Labor reports new jobless claims rose by a staggering 78,000 for just the first week after election, while The Wall Street Journal reports capital spending by America’s corporations has literally collapsed. I guess the perfectly timed one-month recovery is officially over. Any investigative reporter who reported on this fraud would win journalism awards. Yet no one in the media seems to want the job.

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports “real unemployment” (called U6) is 14.6 percent. Have you ever heard the media using the 14.6 percent real unemployment number and tying it to Obama? Or did you hear that food stamp growth was faster in Obama’s first term than job growth? During the campaign, the media mysteriously said nothing about those damning statistics.

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half; instead, he doubled it, increased the debt by a mind-numbing $5 trillion and presided over the first credit downgrade in U.S. history. Obama’s 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent was more than all the months over 8 percent from Presidents Harry Truman to George W. Bush combined. Did you ever hear the media mention that fact? During the campaign, the media said nothing. 

How about Obama’s secret tape about his love for “income redistribution” (the central tenant of socialism)? The media repeatedly pounded Romney’s 47 percent tape into every voter’s subconscious, but mysteriously ignored Obama’s tape for the entire campaign.

During the Presidential debates, Obama lied repeatedly. The biggest whopper was his claim he supported oil drilling. Facts proved drilling permits were down 60 percent under Obama. Two days after the election, Obama issued a plan to close 1.6 million acres of Federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development. Still the media say nothing.

The media never mention Obama’s schedule. We are in a Great Depression II. Our economy is in the worst crisis since 1929. And Obama’s entire year 2012 was filled with golf, basketball, fundraising, campaign rallies and “morning zoo” media appearances. How is there any time left to deal with the economy? Well, there’s not. Obama’s Jobs Task Force has not found the time to meet in almost a year. The media say nothing.

Nothing to see folks. There is no story. Just move along.

The story I’ve just told you could be expected in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea or Zimbabwe. I would never have guessed in America that the mainstream media would take their marching orders directly from the President.

It sure appears that we are now officially living in a Banana Republic.