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Is Federal Investigation of Phil Mickelson, Carl Icahn and Billy Walters another Obama Crime Family Witch Hunt?

By June 2, 2014No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


Our nation is under attack. The Obama Crime Family is at it again. They are practicing the art of Chicago thug politics to kill free speech and ban political dissent. No one is connecting the dots. Three high-profile businessmen and media celebrities are being investigated by the federal government. No one has noticed what they have in common- they all just happen to be high-profile Republicans.

This case made headlines all over the world because of the high profile names. One of the businessmen is billionaire Wall Street legend Carl Icahn. Another is golfing legend and Hall of Famer Phil Mickelson. The third is Billy Walters, famed Las Vegas investor and professional gambler. The government loves to go after famous people. It sends a warning about the power of government. It makes 313 million “little guys” shake in their boots. It sends the message that no one can ever win against the all-powerful government.

But everyone is missing the real story here. This is just another witchhunt by the thugs of the Obama Crime Family. It’s another attempt to silence and punish Obama critics and GOP donors. It’s another case of selective prosecution and persecution. The real message here is that high-profile Republicans are to be hunted, investigated, indicted and destroyed.

No one has connected the dots. These three high-profile businessmen are all opponents of the President, critics of his policies and GOP donors. You think that’s a coincidence? Not a chance. There is a 6-year widespread pattern of conspiracy to take down critics and GOP donors. This is just more of the same pattern.

Isn’t it funny that the media hasn’t reported that these three businessmen are GOP donors? Let’s start with Carl Icahn. This Wall Street billionaire gave almost $100,000 in political donations in the last election cycle. The entire amount went to the GOP (including Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney).

Then there’s Billy Walters, a famous professional gambler based in Vegas. He’s made hundreds of millions investing in real estate and golf courses in Las Vegas. But what the media has failed to note is he just recently gave $100,000 to the GOP Super PAC called “The Congressional Leadership Fund.”

Then there’s Phil Mickelson. He was marked for destruction by the Obama Crime Family a year ago when he publicly condemned Obama (and heavily Democratic California’s) high tax rates and threatened to move.

People like Mickelson have to be silenced before his comments inspire “the little people” to pick up pitchforks and start a revolution. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Obama tried to punish Mickelson with some 3-letter government organization. Sure enough the investigation comes from two of them- the SEC and FBI.

To make matters worse (to a meglomaniac like Obama) Mickelson is listed at many sites as a “celebrity Republican.”

And while the famous “Lefty” hasn’t made many political donations, the one federal campaign he donated to was to my good friend JD Hayworth, former ultra-conservative Congressman.

Surprise, surprise. The mainstream media has never made this connection. But these facts aren’t hard to find. Anyone with a computer and Internet access could have Googled all 3 prominent businessmen and found out they are all Republicans and GOP donors. Why didn’t anyone in the mainstream media bother to investigate? Cat got your tongue?

The Obama Crime Family plays by the rules of Chicago thug politics. This is another Obama witchhunt to put the fear of God into Obama critics and conservative donors. Denounce Obama or his policies or donate to defeat him and you’ll find yourself under attack by the IRS, SEC, DOJ, NSA, FBI or some other government organization turned into Obama attack dog.

I was one of the high-profile victims of the IRS attack. But the list is long. Las Vegas icons Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson both found themselves under federal investigation after criticizing Obama.

Dr. Ben Carson was attacked by the IRS after embarrassing Obama at the National Prayer breakfast.

Dinesh D’Souza was indicted.

The Republican Governor of Virginia was recently indicted.

The ratings agencies Standard & Poors and Egan-Jones were both indicted after downgrading the credit rating of America.

Even a cancer victim was attacked by the government for criticizing Obamacare on Fox News.

Meanwhile former Democratic Governor and billionaire Obama donor (and bundler) Jon Corzine “lost” over one billion dollars of his clients’ money, but the DOJ has never prosecuted him.

Not a word. Not a slap on the wrist for taking down one of the oldest and most successful firms in Wall Street history in a matter of days with a billion dollar “disappearance” of funds. On the streets of New York where I come from that’s called theft.

There is a Chicago thug in the White House. America is under attack. The U.S. Constitution is under attack. Free speech is threatened. Fear and intimidation are in the air. The only question is…

Who’s next?