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It’s a ROOT Weekend on FOX: Root Announces His Economic Stimulus Plan on FOX News and FOX Business

By January 18, 2009No Comments
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Las Vegas, NV–January 17, 2009–Libertarian 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root appeared on FOX Business on Friday with host Alexis Glick, and on FOX News Channel on Saturday with host Neil Cavuto, on the Fox Special “Inauguration 2009.â€� Root, the busy Libertarian political leader and author of the upcoming book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cutsâ€� apeared on FOX to explain how the Federal Reserve is damaging the American economy; how Obama's economic stimulus plan will drown America in debt; and to present his own plan to stimulate the economy.

Root referred to Obama's “Whistle Stop Tour� as the “Whistle Past the Grave Tour� because while Obama smiles and waves, our economy is heading downhill towards a depression. On FOX News, Root called Obama “a President who understands nothing about the Constitution- virtually everything he is recommending from bailouts, to stimulus package, to tax cuts for people who don't pay taxes- is unconstitutional.�

Root continued, “Our economic crisis has been caused by crippling debt and bloated government spending. Obama's recipe for this crisis is more debt and more government spending. You cannot spend your way out of bankruptcy.�

Root's own economic stimulus plan will be the centerpiece of his upcoming book (released in May by John Wiley & Sons). Root favors a one year suspension of personal income taxes. He calls it an Income Tax Vacation. Root explains, “My plan rewards the people who create all the jobs and pay all the taxes in the first place. It allows American taxpayers and small business owners to simply keep more of their own money- and cut out the middleman (the government). When taxpayers are able to keep all their money for one year, the result will be the greatest economic recovery of all time. My plan puts the money in the hands of the its rightful owners- the people that earned it, and the people that know how to use it to invest in stocks, real estate, small business and the creation of jobs. It's time to save the group that truly is too big to fail- taxpayers, business owners, and job creators. The reason Obama is against this idea is he's afraid the taxpayers might find out that government wastes their money and can run just fine without it. He's afraid that taxpayers might actually like it and demand an end to income taxes.�

To his critics who say his idea is too expensive, Root says, “If we can afford $1 trillion for Obama's stimulus plan, we can certainly afford the $1.3 trillion it costs to suspend income taxes. Why can we afford to hand out trillions of dollars to fat-cat corporations, banks, Wall Street brokerage houses, auto companies, unions and people that don't pay any taxes, but it's considered too expensive to give the people that actually pay the taxes a one year vacation? This is the CHANGE that Obama should have brought to Washington. Instead he's bringing the same old 'big government, tax and spend, punish the successful people' policies that have failed miserably so many times in the past.�

Root calls himself "the only politician in the country with the guts to stand up for the people that pay all the taxes in the first place- taxpayers and small business owners." Root a lifelong Republican turned Libertarian calls the Republican Party "gutless, rudderless and leaderless."

Please visit Wayne's Website to see these and many other FOX News and FOX Business appearances by Wayne, as well as hear Wayne's latest appearance on “Savage Nation� with Michael Savage: