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By Wayne Allyn Root

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Super Bowl. I don’t love the politics of the “social justice” kneelers who play the game. But I’ve loved NFL football for 50 years now. Since I was a little boy and my hero Roger Staubach was winning Super Bowls. I can’t wait to bet the big game- that’s the real reason most of us love the NFL- we love betting on the games.

But I can wait a week longer, or two, or three. We can play the Super Bowl in March. Because there’s something much more important at stake here…

The health of America. The survival of America. Life and death.

The Covid vaccine mandate is ripping this country apart. We need to kill the vaccine mandate today. We don’t have time to spare. It’s time for bold measures. My book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” calls for conservatives to boycott, strike and protest across this country- based on the brilliant Civil Disobedience strategy of Reverend Martin Luther King.

It’s time to use civil disobedience to kill the vaccine mandates. In America we need our courageous Mother Truckers to blockade the Super Bowl. It’s time for thousands of 18-wheeler trucks to surround SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Just like 57,000 trucks in Canada have blockaded Ottawa, Canada’s capital. They aren’t leaving until Canada is free again. Until they’ve driven a stake through tyranny. Until the vaccine mandate is dead.

That‘s how we catch the attention of America’s corrupt media…corrupt politicians…and the dumb, clueless NFL that demands both vaccines and masks the entire game (outdoors) for the Super Bowl. Blockade the Super Bowl.

And after that, if the morons of the Biden administration, and the corrupt, clueless Democrat Governors and Mayors won’t listen, it’s time for “A Million Man 18-Wheeler Mother Trucker Convoy” across this nation, to blockade every state capital and most importantly, Washington DC. No one gets in, or out, until this vaccine mandate is dead. No goods get delivered to market, until this vaccine mandate is dead.

The truckers of America are uniquely positioned to win this battle- because they can singlehandedly shut down this nation. Without truckers, there’s no gas, no goods, no groceries. And if they block the streets of government capitals, there’s no more hot air from politicians. Good riddance.

We have more proof than ever that the Covid vaccine is useless, worthless and dangerous. In just the past few days we learned these SCIENTIFIC FACTS…

Israel was the first nation in the world to vaccine virtually their entire population. They are onto their fourth jab. The results?

*More Israelis have Covid infections (per capita) than anywhere else on the globe.

*Israel also leads the world (per million citizens) in Covid death rate. Almost the whole country is vaccinated two, three and four times. And they lead the world in Covid death.

*How about hospitalizations? According to Professor Yaakov Jerris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, “Right now, most of our severe cases are vaccinated. They had at least three injections, between 70 and 80 percent of the serious cases are vaccinated. So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness…”

But it’s not just Israel. The numbers are damning all over the world…

*Data from Public Health Scotland (PHS) shows Covid cases are far higher among the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

*Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports death rates for vaccinated children are up to 52 times higher than unvaccinated children.

*Whistleblowers report raw data kept by the Department of Defense (DoD) for military personnel show an almost 300% increase in cancer, 680% increase in multiple sclerosis, 551% increase in immune diseases, 487% increase in breast cancer, 472% increase in female infertility, and stunning increases in heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and diseases of the nervous system since vaccinations began.

*Myocarditis rates (heart disease) are exploding all over Europe.

*Life insurance giant Aegon just announced life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. What changed? Vaccines didn’t exist in 2020.

If anyone seeing this scientific data still wants to vaccine, good luck. You’ll need it. But you’re free to vaccinate to your heart’s content. But those of us who see flashing red neon lights, cannot be forced to vaccinate against our will, or lose our jobs, or be banned from society. The vaccine mandate must be killed.

I believe thousands of 18 wheeler trucks blockading the Super Bowl might finally get the message through, loud and clear. And if government still doesn’t get the message, then it’s time for a truck blockade of 50 state capitals and Washington DC.

Thank God for our Mother Truckers!

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s new #1 bestselling book is out, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book.”Wayne is host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. To find out more about Wayne Allyn Root and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at