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Just In Time for Thanksgiving: Obama Exposes Roswell and Area 51 Secrets!

By November 28, 2013No Comments
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As published at on 11/27/13


By Wayne Allyn Root


Have you seen the poll numbers? Obama’s ratings are lower than a crackhead. Literally. Obama’s popularity has fallen below the crack smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford.


Obama’s ratings are so low, even MSNBC won’t take his calls.


Obama’s ratings are so low, even Nancy Pelosi is removing the Obama bumper sticker from her limo.


Obama’s ratings are so low, senior citizens want Millard Fillmore back.


Obama’s ratings are so low, Jimmy Carter is back in vogue.


Obama’s ratings are so low, he called Bill Clinton for advice, and Bill hung up.


Obama has sunk so low, he was caught asking Chris Christie for a pardon.


So knowing how the Chicago thugs in the White House operate, it’s time for “the big reveal.” It’s time for the “nuclear option” of all distractions. It’s time to induce hysteria. It’s time to make the National Enquirer jealous. It’s time for Obama to expose the secrets of Roswell and Area 51. It’s time to pull out the spaceships, aliens, and gamma ray guns. 


We are Rome…so it’s time for bread and circus!


Obama’s legacy has turned to crap. Everyone now knows the emperor has no clothes. Obama has been exposed as a liar, fraud, and charleton. The Chicago thugs in the White House can’t allow that!


Obama promised “free healthcare” and price reductions. Instead we got massive new price increases that will bankrupt millions of Americans, force businesses to close, and kill more jobs.


He famously promised, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” Millions have lost their policies. By next year it could be 100 million (or more).


He promised our quality of care would not be affected. Yet doctors are retiring by the thousands, and we’ve added 30 million patients.


5 million Americans have already lost their insurance, while only 100,000 have signed up for Obamacare. 5 signed up in Washington DC. Five. In Obama country.


And the web site is defective. Everyone now realizes this is a man who spent hundreds of millions to build a web site…that doesn’t work. We just put that same guy in charge of your grandmother’s cancer surgery? Oh vey.


Americans are finally waking up to the reality that “We wuz robbed.” Someone obviously has a few hundred million dollars of our taxpayer money in a Swiss bank account. The FBI might want to start with Michelle Obama’s Princeton Black Alumni buddy.


Then there are Obama’s economic promises. His success there makes Obamacare look like a raving success. More Americans get government entitlement checks than are working in the private sector. More Americans are on food stamps than the population of Spain. Twice as many Americans now live in poverty under Obama, as the population of Syria. 57% of all the children in America are either living in poverty or defined as low income. Almost 50% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. And let’s not forget the debt just went up $328 billion in one day – that’s more than the budget deficit for the entire year 2007 under Bush.


The jobs picture looks even worse than Obama’s economy. 3 years ago my quote made headlines in Time magazine. I said, “Obama is the great jobs killer. He’s so good at killing jobs, he should be at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List.” Even I had no clue how right I’d turn out to be. 


Over 100 million working age Americans are no longer working. Food stamp growth is 75-times higher than job growth. The workforce participation rate is the lowest in modern history. Black unemployment is at 14%. Almost half of black teens are unemployed. And over 80% of the jobs created since January 1st are crummy, crappy part-time jobs.


How bad is the Obama economy? Bangledesh is throwing an “AID AMERICA” concert.


Then there’s the nonstop scandals. And I mean serious scandals. Any one of them would force a Nixon out of office. Obama owns all of them.


Benghazi– more absurd lies than Obamacare, a possible arms deal with rebels gone bad, and the cover-up of murder.


Fast and Furious– another government arms deal gone bad, responsibility for the murder of a U.S. border guard, another blatent cover-up.


The NSA scandal– Obama listens into all of our calls. I hope he’s listening to mine. He’ll hear the word IMPEACHMENT come up in every sentence.


The AP scandal– Obama and paranoid buddies like Eric Holder are even illegally spying on their adoring Kool-Aid drinking friends in the media.


The IRS scandal– To get re-elected, the Obama administration sicked the IRS on Tea Parties, conservative fundraisers, and outspoken critics of Obama (like me). Their goal was to kill the political opposition, silence free speech, and intimidate critics. These guys put the “thug” in Chicago!


The Census Bureau scandal– It appears government employees faked the unemployment numbers in the weeks leading up to the election to re-elect a President who wouldn’t know what a job looked like, if it hit him in the face.


Oh and let’s not forget Obamacare– the world’s first trillion dollar Ponzi Scheme perpetrated with lies, misrepresentations, and pure fraud by a late night Ginsu knife salesman named Obama.


Clearly Obama has to change the conversation away from his record. Clearly it’s time for the “weapons of mass distraction.” It’s time to pull out Roswell and Area 51. Aliens and spaceships should do the trick. It will take something that big to distract the public in time for the holidays.


Just understand what comes next. While Americans are watching the aliens, Obama will totally destroy what is left of the economy, the private sector, the American Dream, American exceptionalism, Judeo Christian values, and our relationship with Israel.


In other words…HE’LL FINISH THE JOB.