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Las Vegas Oddsmaker Turned Political Analyst Hits Jackpot with Prediction of Tea Party Landslide and 60 to 70 Seat Gain for GOP

By November 3, 2010No Comments
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Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) has done it again. Back in 2004 Wayne Allyn Root, then a Las Vegas oddsmaker predicted on CNBC that George W. Bush would win the Presidency by 3 points and 35 electoral votes. Newsmax reported that as the most accurate prediction in the country. In 2006 while appearing on FOX News, Root correctly predicted the GOP would lose control of Congress. By 2008 the Las Vegas oddsmaker had become a politician himself, winning the Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination. Only days ago Root put his political pundit hat back on. He went on public record with a prediction of a Tea Party landslide. Root predicted a meltdown for Obama and the Democrats, with the GOP gaining an historic 60 to 70 seats. The actual number now appears to be 65 seats. Root’s prediction was on the money again- as accurate as any professional political analyst or pollster in the country.

Root’s post-election thoughts, opinions and predictions:

*As his book “The Conscience of a Libertarian” predicted, we are experiencing a remarkable and historic Citizen Revolution- called the Tea Party.

*The Tea Party phenomenon will only get stronger. The size of the movement will double or triple over the next two years. Tea Parties will have an even bigger effect on the 2012 election.

*Root predicted on “Fox & Friends” on FOX News over 6 months ago that Hillary Clinton would challenge Obama in the Democratic Presidential primary in 2012 and Obama might never again appear on the ballot for President. That prediction no longer looks like a longshot.

*Root has called the storyline of this election Obama’s journey “From Messiah to Pariah.” The 65 seat gain by the GOP wasn’t the biggest sign of the repudiation of Obama. It was the loss of Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat in Illinois. Ironically, the former Democratic hero and messiah Obama brought down the entire Democratic Party. His fellow Democrats followed a socialist off a cliff like sheep.

*Root predicts an underdog has an opportunity to become the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Tea Party U.S. Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are now also leading stars for the GOP.

*Root calls this 2010 Tea Party Landslide “the revenge of the small business owners.” This entire citizen revolution was led by small business owners, who have grown sick and tired of being demonized, targeted and punished by Obama and his socialist cabal, even though they create all the jobs and pay most of the taxes. He predicts small business owners will be motivated by the effect they just had and become an even bigger force in 2012 and beyond.

*New York Governor candidate Jimmy McMillian famously said, “The rent is too damn high.” Root believes the theme of this remarkable 2010 Tea Party Landslide is “the taxes are too damn high.”

*Root believes we have a badly divided nation on our hands: a fiscally-conservative Tea Party nation, with small carve outs for New York (and a few liberal Northeast states) and California (and two Northwest states). As well as a gigantic voting split between public sector union workers and the private sector.

*The most important win of the election wasn’t found in Congress. It was actually the Republican Governors’ landslide. The GOP now dominates Governorships in the USA- and Governors are in control of redistricting. That gives conservatives the leg up for winning elections for the next decade.

*Root sees major gains for independent third parties, such as his Libertarian Party in coming years. The Libertarian Party enjoyed record-breaking success in Ohio, Indiana and Georgia on Election Day. Root sees that as a sign of a third party breakthrough in 2012 and 2016.

Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) is available for media interviews. To interview Wayne or hear more of his predictions, contact his publicist Sandy Frazier at (516) 735-5468 or email her at: