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Look What Obama Has Done to His Own Voters

By September 12, 2013No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


Why Syria, why now? Why is going to war suddenly so important? How does America benefit? Why did Obama suddenly decide a “red line” has been crossed, when there are “red lines” all over the world- including the killing of Christians and the burning of 71 Christian churches in Egypt. Why is it so important to risk American lives to defend the Syrian rebels- who are partners with Al Qaeda, America’s sworn enemy? None of this makes any sense at all.

Until you realize it’s a massive cover-up. Obama’s WMD- Weapon of Mass Distraction. Obama is desperate to cover-up the facts about his dying economy and the damage he’s done to his own most loyal voters and supporters. Obama has destroyed the lives of the very people who consider him “the American Idol.”

How bad is Obama’s economy? Forget the 7.3% unemployment rate that is reported by the government. That’s pure fraud and propaganda. What matters is the Labor Force Participation Rate of 63%. That’s the lowest in 4 decades. For men it’s the lowest since record-keeping began in the 1940’s. What this means is 37% of the able-bodied, working age adults in America are not only not working, they’ve given up looking for work.

Even worse, a unimaginable percentage of those who are employed have only part-time jobs. 77% of the new jobs created since January 1st are part-time jobs. Studies show 1 in 4 part-time workers live in poverty, while only 1 in 20 full-time workers live in poverty. Millions of Americans under Obama who show up as “employed” aren’t just working- they are working their way towards poverty. The Obama economy is crumbling.

Here are the two most ironic points about this slow-motion train wreck called the Obama economy. Obamacare is the number one culprit destroying real jobs. Not one business owner will lift a finger to create a full-time, high-paying job with benefits. So Obama’s signature achievement has not only created a part-time economy, but all those people in part-time jobs don’t have health insurance. Ironic, but tragic.

Then there’s the really sad, tragic and ironic fact of the Obama economy. Obama hurts the ones he loves. Obama’s policies are destroying the very people who elected and believed in him. It’s almost as if Obama is out to destroy his own voters. Let’s take a look at who is suffering the most from this Obama Great Depression.

Obama won the 2012 election with a razor thin 51% of the vote. His biggest supporters were blacks (93% voted for Obama), Hispanics (71%), single women (67%), young people (60%), and those without a high school diploma (64%). This is the loyal foundation of Barack Hussein Obama. This is who made him President, without a single qualification, except being a community organizer.

Now let’s look at how Obama repays his loyal fans. New research by Sentier Research proves that since 2009 income for black heads of households dropped by 10.9%, for Hispanic heads of households it dropped by 4.5%, for single women head of households it dropped by 7%, for young people (under age 25) it dropped by 9.6%, for those with a high school diploma or less, income dropped by 8 percent.

In dollar terms the numbers are even worse. Female incomes are down by $2300 per year under Obama, Black incomes are down over $4000 per year, Hispanic incomes are down by $2000 per year.

How about actual unemployment figures for Obama’s fans? We see the same results. Reported unemployment (a bogus figure) is 7.3%. But among blacks (who voted 93% for Obama) it is an unimaginable 13.3%. Among Hispanics it’s 9.4%. Among black youth it’s 20.9%.  Among teens it’s 23.7%.

The black middle class is being destroyed. Black homeownership has slipped to the lowest level in decades.

But the worst statistic of all is the unemployment plus under-employment rate for college graduates under age 25- 18.3%. That means new college graduates (also big supporters of Obama) cannot find a decent full-time job in the Obama economy, at the same time they are saddled with the highest student debt in history.

So what does a President, who couldn’t find a job if it hit him in the head, do to keep the masses of his own voters from revolting and rioting in the streets? Go to war.

Create a distraction. Make people look away from the scene of the tragedy. Create a “situation” that induces patriotism. Make the masses rally around the President. And if that “situation” happens to help unemployment by sending unemployed young people and minorities off to war, BINGO- you’ve just hit the lottery!

That is the answer to the questions “Why Syria? Why now? How does this benefit America?” Obama’s war is a desperate attempt to keep his own voters from noticing that his policies have ruined their lives and set their economic progress back decades. His policies have sent black Americans in particular hurtling back to the days of poverty and racial inequality.

Obama is desperate to keep his own voters from noticing he is the worst thing to happen to them in their lifetimes. So it is off to war we go.