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Mitt Romney is The Smartest Guy in the Room

By October 4, 2012No Comments
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As published by on 10/4/12

By Wayne Allyn Root

Four months ago I made a bold prediction – Mitt Romney will win in a landside. I called it a repeat of Reagan’s landslide over incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Don’t look now, but after last night’s debate that prediction is becoming reality.

Do you hear the air hissing loudly? That’s the air coming out of Obama’s balloon Wednesday night. Mitt Romney is not only the smartest guy in the room (by far)…he proved it on that Presidential debate stage.

Romney schooled Obama. He made Obama look weak, small, and childlike. Obama was listless and uninspiring. He could not look Romney in the eye, and worst of all, could not muster the confidence or energy to defend his own record.

The whole nation saw it. It was almost as if Romney was debating an empty chair.

Worse, an empty chair without teleprompter.

Romney was at ease. He was smiling and willing to look Obama right in the eye, debunk his lies, and take the fight to him. Mitt stayed on message. It was as if Mitt’s debate coach was James Carville- the message was “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Mitt debunked the lies that the media has allowed Obama to tell. It’s easy to lie when you are speaking to a journalist who is on your side. It isn’t so easy to lie on that stage, with the nation watching, with your opponent staring at you. Obama’s lies, myths, and misrepresentations about Romney’s tax and budget plans were all debunked on that stage Wednesday night.

Of course the great zinger that exposed Obama’s lies was when Mitt said that raising five boys had prepared him for hearing things that aren’t true, and then hearing the lie repeated over and over again to try to make it appear true.

Every parent in America was smiling and nodding in agreement.

Mitt looked Presidential and stayed focused on distinct targeted messages. First, that he will cut taxes without adding to the deficit, and will never raise taxes on the middle class. Ever.

Second, that what matters above all else now is jobs. That is Mitt’s priority. He stressed that you can only create jobs by growing the economy and you can only grow the economy by keeping taxes low, cutting regulations, and reducing the size of government.

Third, that Obama is the one hurting seniors by cutting over $700 billion from Medicare. Mitt made it clear he will protect Medicare and change nothing for current recipients. Obama is endangering it. Suddenly every senior in America was reassured this is not a man with a radical plan, nor should they ever fear losing their Medicare or Social Security.

Fourth, that Obama promised to cut the debt in half, but instead doubled it. Romney called it immoral to keep spending more than we take in. Did you see the look on Obama’s face? Did you see his body language? He looked like a defeated man. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere, but on that stage defending his record. Of course that’s because his record on debt and spending is indefensible.

Fifth, Romney pointed out that Obamacare will cost $2500 more per family annually and that it will kill jobs. Obamacare will make it less likely that small business will hire people. Romney used something that befuddles Obama – FACTS. He pointed out that the CBO predicts 20 million Americans will lose their current insurance under Obamacare.

You could hear millions of Americans who are happy with their current insurance, standing and cheering for Romney.
Then Romney went for the kill. He pointed out that Mr. Obama wasted his first two years on Obamacare, something the majority of Americans didn’t even want, in the middle of an economic tragedy, when jobs should have been his priority. He squandered his two years when he should have been fighting for jobs for the American people.

But the line of the night that completely emasculated Obama was, “Yes, Mr. President your spending does show your priorities. You spent $90 billion on green energy tax breaks. That’s like 50 years of tax breaks to oil companies. You gave $90 billion to companies like Solyndra. You could have hired 2 million teachers with that money.”

Romney looked and sounded like a President. He showcased his CEO leadership skills. Obama was depressed, befuddled, stumbling, bumbling, and fumbling throughout the night. He wasn’t Presidential, even though he’s the President. He was a man out of his league.

In the end Jim Lehrer had the best line of the night when he tried to stop Obama from going over his allotted time. He said, “Mr. President, your time is up.”

How prophetic.