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Mr. Obama, Tear Down Your Debt Ceiling!

By July 18, 2011No Comments
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I was given an advance copy of a secret undercover investigation exposing systemic corruption in government by my friend and conservative activist James O’Keefe. If you thought what O’Keefe uncovered with ACORN was bad, you’ve got to see this one. This undercover video proves the entire U.S. government entitlement system is one big fat ACORN.

By the time this commentary is published, the video will have gone public in the national media…and no doubt it will have gone “viral” as well. What it shows is enough to make a taxpayer pop an artery in their neck. It’s enough to make taxpayers sick to their stomachs. It’s enough to shake the entire U.S. government to its core. It’s enough to cause taxpayers to revolt, and refuse to give one more dime to a corrupt, out of control, GOVERNMENT GONE WILD.

And as far as the debt ceiling- you can stuff it. All deals should now be off the table.

This is the perfect time and place to make a stand. To draw a line in the sand. To end the spending addiction today. This second. To agree to cut the spending, cut the debt, balance the budget, and protect the taxpayers. But James O’Keefe’s video should inspire the battle charge by conservatives and Libertarians. This video crystallizes everything. We either deal with the addiction now, or this country and economy will perish later.

This is the battle to cut spending and limit the size and scope of government is the battle of all battles. This is more important than even the battle against terrorism. Because our own government is defrauding and terrorizing it’s own citizens and taxpayers. This is more important than the supposed battle against Global warming. Because government debt is the real national security threat.

This is bigger than the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Because I have no idea why we are fighting there anymore, and no idea why anything that happens in those countries effects U.S. taxpayers and business owners on Main Street. But anyone can clearly see how government wasting billions, if not trillions, to purposely grow the size and power of Big Brother effects all of our lives every day. This is a war we cannot afford to lose. This undercover expose by O’Keefe is the video that crystallizes the picture.

This video proves that your tax money and mine is being wasted all over this country by our Big Brother government. Fraud is being committed every day. There is no need to raise the debt ceiling. There is only a need to cut spending, entitlements, waste and fraud. And there is a desperate need to cut government employees, millions of whom obviously sit around all day handing out taxpayer money to free-loaders, while they wait for their retirement, so they can sit around another 40 years being paid $100,000 pensions for not working, courtesy of the suckers…oops I mean taxpayers.

This video proves that government employees are either completely incompetent, completely corrupt, or involved in a purposeful conspiracy to hand out massive tax dollars to dramatically grow the size of government, making their agencies and their unions more powerful, thereby keeping their jobs safe. My educated guess is it’s all three- with government employees we’ve hit the Triple Crown- incompetence, corruption, and conspiracy to defraud.

This video only involves one department, one entitlement- a $1.2 trillion dollar business built around waste and corruption. But it represents every government department, and every entitlement. They are all the same. Go undercover against any government agency, department, or bureau and you’ll find lazy bureaucrats throwing taxpayer money out the window.

And amazingly you’ll find- as this video proves- they will throw the money at anyone, even the worst of the worst. At criminals, drug dealers, pimps, underage hookers, millionaires driving $800,000 cars. It just doesn’t matter. Government either doesn’t care because it’s not their money, or they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s all a plan to hand out the money, to grow government bigger.

Either way, this is the moment in time. Thanks to James O’Keefe for leading the cavalry charge.  We must STOP THE INSANITY. Hold the line. Not one inch. Not one more dollar from taxpayers to pay for this madness. Enough is enough. As my hero Ronald Reagan would say, “Mr. Obama TEAR DOWN YOUR DEBT CEILING.”