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My Neighbor Harry Reid

By February 12, 2015No Comments
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I am a proud citizen of beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. I escaped New York for “the Monte Carlo of America”- sunshine all year long, with no personal income taxes, no business income taxes, no capital gains taxes, no inheritance taxes and among the lowest property taxes in America. What does a conservative call a place like that? HEAVEN.


But there is one negative. His name is Harry Reid. My United States Senator is perhaps the worst in the history of the U.S. Senate. He’s certainly the worst Senator of my lifetime- the past 53 years. Amazingly, Harry isn’t just my Senator, he’s my neighbor. Harry and I live only a couple of blocks apart in Henderson, Nevada inside beautiful Anthem Country Club. If we made a reality show together, it would be called “The Odd Couple.”


From my 2nd story deck I’m looking at Harry’s home. I’m just a stone’s throw away. And sometimes I’m tempted to throw that stone! Just kidding.


My illustrious neighbor’s story keeps getting stranger and stranger. Harry gets hurt jogging. Harry gets hurt lifting weights. Harry’s so feeble, in such mental and physical decline, I actually feel sorry for him. I wish him a wonderful retirement. It’s clearly time for golf, grandchildren and cruises to Mexico. But one thing is for sure- Harry Reid cannot continue as one of the leaders of the free world. As the US Senate Majority Leader up until only a few weeks ago, and now the U.S. Senate Minority Leader, Harry is one of the most important and powerful men in this country.


But the Harry Reid narrative is getting embarrassing. Poor Harry has reached well beyond his “past due” date as a U.S. Senator. If Harry were an airline pilot he would have been forced to retire a decade ago- long before he started falling down and hurting himself. If he was a Fortune 500 CEO, his Board of Directors would have forcibly retired him years ago. If he were a typical government employee, he’d have retired to a life of leisure at age 50- that was almost three decades ago.


So why is Harry allowed to stay in his U.S. Senate seat until the day he dies? He has already announced his intent to run for re-election in 2016. Will Harry be allowed to serve in the Senate while he’s pushed to his seat in a wheelchair and spoon fed by a nurse? If Harry can no longer make decisions for himself, should he be allowed to continue serving  in the U.S. Senate making life and death decisions for every American? Does that make sense? At what age is enough, enough?


Shouldn’t a world leader be held to the same standards as a pilot? That pilot has to retire at age 65- even if he’s in perfect mental and physical shape. Why? Because after age 65, people start to fail. Bad things start to happen. We can’t have elderly pilots flying planes with 200 or 300 souls on board when they suffer a stroke, seizure, heart attack, or fall down and can’t get up. We can’t leave it up to the pilot to determine when it’s time to go. One lapse in judgement and people could die. So we institute mandatory retirement. So why would we allow a U.S. Senator who’s actions effect our economy, jobs, taxes and healthcare, to making important decisions, long after his or her “past due” date? Term limits would take that decision out of their hands.

Is Harry Reid capable of making competent decisions at this point? We know for a fact Harry has suffered strokes while in office.


He fell down jogging and dislocated his shoulder a couple of years ago.


Then on New Years Day Harry had a far more serious episode.


The claim is he was badly hurt while exercising. He claims to have been using a band-based weight machine when the band snapped, hitting him in the face and knocking him unconscious with severe injuries. He had broken ribs, a concussion and severe eye injuries that threatened the loss of his sight. From exercise?


I’m a fitness enthusiast. I understand exercise very well. I work out two to three hours every day, 365 days per year. It’s been the foundation of my life for 38 years. In all those years, I’ve never heard of someone getting a black eye from jogging. In all those years, I’ve also never heard of a serious injury from using an amateurish band-based weight machine.


To make matters worse (and more strange) Harry Reid’s staff further disclosed his injury occurred in the bathroom of his home.


His bathroom? Do you know anyone who lifts weights in the bathroom? The story is just too strange to believe. But either way this is clearly not a man capable of doing one of the most important jobs in our country.


Here’s a man who has done great damage to our economy and country as U.S. Senate Majority Leader. He was the chief enabler and water-carrier for the massive expansion of government, spending, taxes, regulation and debt under Obama. Harry Reid enabled Obama to depress the private sector with the most regulations in history; killing millions of jobs; suffocating the middle class; destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world; making the coal industry extinct and blocking the Keystone Pipeline (thereby dramatically raising all of our electric bills); giving amnesty to illegal aliens; and allowing Obama to violate the U.S. Constitution again and again.


Harry achieved all this while purposely preventing the U.S. Senate from voting on any bill that might help the economy, or undue the damage of Obama’s socialist Nanny State policies. Harry refused to allow bills to be voted on, for fear of hurting the re-election campaigns of his fellow Democratic Senators. He even presided over “the nuclear option” that he swore he’d never allow to pass- for the first time in history allowing bills and appointments to pass the Senate with merely a simple majority.


Term Limits would have forced Reid out of the Senate before much of this damage was ever done. What a blessing that would have been for America and the U.S. economy.


Now add in Reid’s declining health and fading ability to competently take care of himself, let alone the country…and you have a clear recipe for disaster. Harry Reid is indeed the poster child for Term Limits.


From now on I’d suggest “the Harry Reid Rule:” All politicians should be limited to two terms. One term in office. And one term in prison.