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By Wayne Allyn Root

Very few people outside Nevada…even the mainstream media…even political talking heads…even so-called “experts” on Fox News or CNN or MSNBC…have ever really understood what’s about to happen this week in Nevada, and why.

As I’ve said for weeks now…

Trump will win Nevada by a landslide…and win every single Nevada delegate for the RNC convention. 

Nikki Haley will get shut out in Nevada. She will get humiliated. She will get nothing. As in zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Literally nothing.

But few outsiders understand why. It’s all because poor Nikki and her team picked the wrong election in Nevada. There is a GOP primary on Tuesday February 6th. And there is a GOP Caucus 48 hours later on Thursday February 8th. One counts. The other does not. Guess which one Nikki chose?

“Birdbrain” chose the wrong one. The meaningless one. The one that doesn’t count.

For all you non-Nevadans, let me explain this confusing scenario. The Nevada legislature is controlled by corrupt Democrats. They decided the GOP had to have a primary on Feb 6th.

But the Nevada GOP didn’t want a primary run by the DC Swamp, with no Voter ID, mail-in voting, and the potential for Democrats to cross over and steal the GOP nomination.

So, the Nevada GOP decided to hold a GOP Caucus on February 8th– only two days after the primary. In this GOP Caucus you cannot vote by mail…you must vote in person… and you must show Voter ID. This is the way elections used to be: secure, fair and honest. And if any election is secure, we all know one thing is guaranteed…

Trump wins.

Confusing? Sure. Nevada has two GOP elections within 48 hours. But, everyone running for president understood the rules and the options…

*You could only choose one.

*The primary is meaningless. No delegates will be awarded. It is a “big fat nothing burger.”

*The Caucus is everything- “the whole enchilada.” Every delegate for the GOP presidential nomination will be awarded by the Caucus.

*But you could not run in both.

*And to make it even more significant and meaningful, and weed out candidates with no chance to win, the Caucus required a fee of $55,000.

Everyone understood only the Caucus counted. 

So, who’d be dumb enough to choose the primary? Only Nikki Haley. You know, the one Trump calls “birdbrain.” Once again, his nickname proved right on the money. That’s why Trump is the king of branding.

Both DeSantis and Vivek entered the Caucus. Score one for those guys! They (or their campaign teams) actually read and understood the rules.

But since both DeSantis and Vivek have both dropped out of the presidential race, that leaves Trump alone in the Caucus. Which means President Trump will win 100% of the delegates in Nevada on Thursday.


Which is what I’ve been trying to explain to everyone on my national TV and radio shows…and in my newspaper columns…for many weeks. This outcome has been crystal clear- to anyone who understood the process. But no one in the media outside of Nevada understood what I was saying.

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. Nevada is a crossroads of America. What happens here is important to the whole nation. We are “the canary in the coal mine.” This week Nevada will prove Trump is brilliant…Nikki is not…and the GOP presidential race is over.

And Nikki will be alone in a meaningless primary that awards no delegates. She’ll have to beat “None of the Above” on Tuesday. If she manages to do that, she will be awarded a grand total of 0 delegates. Smart, huh?

Nikki has no path to victory. And anyone with a brain (as opposed to a “birdbrain”) has to ask one obvious question…

Why is Nikki still in the race? 

The answers are pathetic and disgraceful…because Nikki is backed by the corrupt Deep State; desperate Democrats trying to stop Trump; and a few delusional, establishment RINOS with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Nikki is fighting for bigger book deals, larger speaking fees, and maybe even a daytime talk show. But she sure isn’t fighting for GOP voters.

Nikki is never going to be the next president. But she is hoping to be the next Oprah.  

Now you understand what drives Nikki and why she is still in the race.

And now you understand what’s going to happen this week in Nevada…

For the third time in the past eight years, President Donald J. Trump is on his way to a landslide victory for the GOP presidential nomination.

And now you know…Nevada is Trump country!