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No Mr. President We Don’t Dislike You Because You’re Black

By January 22, 2014No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


We have an egotistical delusional President. He has convinced himself that he is disliked by many Americans because he is black. In a lengthy interview with New Yorker Editor David Remnick the president tells him, “…some folks really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President.”


President Obama’s approval rating has fallen badly in the national polls. His ratings are historically low. The second lowest in modern history at this point of a Presidency. Lower than Bush. Lower than everyone but Richard Nixon.  


Here come the excuses. Obama desperately wants to believe it’s all because he’s black. Because if he didn’t have that excuse, it would have to be based on his performance.


When Obama blames “some folks” for not liking him because he’s black, he refers to conservatives and white Americans. I’m an unapologetic member of both groups.


It’s an interesting excuse. If we hated him for the color of his skin, that would excuse his failed performance as President. How convenient. That would excuse everything he’s done to damage or destroy American exceptionalism, capitalism, and the U.S. economy.


If this was about race, it would excuse his dismantling of the economy. It would excuse the 92 million working-age Americans not in the workforce. It would excuse all-time record lows for workforce participation. It would excuse tens of thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of Americans dropping out of the workforce every month. It would excuse the fact that only crummy, crappy, low-wage part-time jobs are being created because of Obama’s policies.


If this was about race, it would excuse Obama taking the formerly greatest health care system in the world and plunging it into crisis and confusion. It would distract us from seeing his failed Obamacare web site that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Or his blatant lies about keeping our health insurance if we like it. Or his lies about the middle class not being taxed to pay for 30 million new patients.


Or his lies about the quality of care remaining the same, even though we’ve added 30 million new patients, with no new doctors. Or his lies about prices going down, while our rates are going through the roof, and his own IRS predicts health insurance will cost the average family a staggering $20,000 per year by 2016.


If this was about race, it would excuse his lies about wanting to create jobs for middle class Americans while he’s made conscious decisions to hire foreign companies (who rely on cheap foreign labor) to build and fix the defective Obamacare web site.


If this was about race, it would excuse his never ending spending and debt. Or the damage he’s done to middle class Americans- the doubling of gas prices, the all-time record highs for electricity, the jobs he’s destroyed by not approving oil drilling, or fracking, or the Keystone Pipeline. Or using the EPA to try to put coal industry completely out of business.


It would excuse his using the power of the IRS to persecute Tea Party groups and conservative critics (like me), while allowing the IRS to hand out fraudulent tax refunds to illegal immigrants claiming fake dependents not even living in the United States.


It would excuse four dead American heroes in Benghazi, a refusal to send help while they were fighting for their lives, and a blatant cover-up before the election.


But putting all that aside, let me point out a few inconsistencies in Obama’s allegation against conservatives:


First, I don’t dislike Obama. I despise his beliefs and his policies.


Second, last I checked Obama is not just “black.” He’s half white, born to a white mother, raised by white grandparents.


Third, I’ve been consistent my entire life. I’ve been a true blue conservative patriot since age 3, when I handed out campaign literature for Barry Goldwater, in my father’s arms. I judge people by their political beliefs and policies, not the color of their skin.


At the age of 11, I despised the policies of ultra-leftist Presidential candidate George McGovern. His beliefs and policies were almost identical to Obama’s today. Did I hate white Midwestern men?


In 1980, as a student at Columbia University, I despised the policies of President Jimmy Carter, whose policies were almost identical to Obama’s today. Did I hate white Southern men?


Today, I despise the policies of ultra-leftist politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Do I therefore hate white Mormons and Italians?


Lastly, I can think of many Jewish Democrats whose policies I despise. The first one that comes to mind is Debbie Shultz Wasserman, whose statements often make me physically ill. Does that mean I hate Jews? That’s pretty funny, because I’m Jewish.


In each case a Republican conservative like me despises the political beliefs and policies of people I believe now, or believed back then, to be extreme, radical, socialist, economically ignorant, and damaging to America and capitalism.


No Mr. Obama, we don’t dislike you because you’re black. But we do despise your policies, your lies, and your destruction of the greatest country, economy and middle class in world history.