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Obama Lied: Welcome to “the Lawyer Economy.”

By February 1, 2010No Comments
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If You Need Legal Advice, You Need a Good Lawyer. If You Want to Run an Economy and Create Jobs…Run Away from the Lawyers.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

You know what they say about lawyers…their greatest talent is their ability to quote their fees without smiling. Well after watching Obama’s State of the Union speech last week, you can add a new talent to the list: Obama should win an Academy Award for the role of a lawyer lying about the true “state of the union.”

Obama said that his stimulus added 2 million jobs. Really? Where? In some alternate universe? Certainly not in America. We’ve actually lost several million jobs since Obama passed his stimulus plan. There is no hard evidence that any private sector jobs were created. Just another lawyer lie.

Obama said that he was freezing discretionary income to reduce the deficit. Really? So with Obama’s version of math, saving a few billion dollars will cut a $1.6 trillion deficit? Just another lawyer lie.

To further prove my point, only one week after stressing deficit reduction in his State of the Union address, Obama released the biggest budget in U.S. history ($3.8 trillion)- complete with the biggest deficit in U.S. history ($1.6 trillion). Give Obama credit- when he lies, he really lies big!

Obama talked about creating jobs. But the problem is that government doesn’t create jobs. Government spending and record deficits takes money away from the private sector- thereby killing job growth. Obama’s proposed tax increases are in actuality what is stopping business from adding jobs. Just another lawyer lie.

Obama talked about helping small business by making it easier for banks to offer loans. Ask any small business owner- they will tell you that access to bank loans is the smallest piece of the puzzle. Obviously Obama is trying to help small business, without ever actually speaking to a small business owner. Ironically, it is Obama’s universal health care, tax and spend, cap and trade, card check, and expansion of government that are standing in the way of a small business recovery. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies? Just another lawyer lie.

Obama said that any student that takes out student loans and goes to work for government, should have their student loan forgiven. Only in Obama’s radical socialist world does that make sense. Mr. Obama forgot to mention that there are already almost 20 MILLION government employees on the federal, state and local level. And that it is their bloated, obscene salaries, pensions and free health care that is bankrupting America. He forgot to mention that each new government employee adds to our deficit. States have no idea how to pay for their current government employees. Why on earth would anyone want to encourage the hiring of more? Obama is trying to obscure the difference between jobs that cost taxpayers nothing (private sector jobs)…versus jobs that cost taxpayers money and lead to higher taxes and record deficits (government jobs).

Obama said that the recession is over. Well maybe it’s over for Obama’s biggest campaign contributors (who are living on stimulus and bailouts)…but it’s certainly not over on Main Street. We are far from out of this economic Armageddon. And by the way Mr. Obama…it’s not a recession. It’s a depression. Just another lawyer lie.

Obama is living proof of that famous saying…You know what the difference is between a lawyer and a liar? The pronunciation.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like some lawyers. I count lawyers among my best friends. My sister is an attorney. My daughter Dakota intends to get a law degree (which I encourage). My personal attorney is my most trusted advisor. When any of us needs an attorney, we want a good one. But let’s be honest- lawyers are paid to twist the truth around to the point where you no longer recognize it. That’s their job. Creating jobs, running businesses, running an economy- those are all far afield of their areas of expertise.

That explains our problem- our country is being run by lawyers who know nothing about how to run an economy; nothing about how to run a business; nothing about how to motivate small business; nothing about how to create a job; and who now longer recognize the truth.