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Obama Makes Worst Trade Since American Indians Sold Manhattan for $24

By June 3, 2014No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


The Indians were robbed. They were conned into selling Manhattan for $24 of trinkets in 1626.


That was the worst trade in history. Until now.


Obama just got conned, robbed and schooled even worse than the American Indians. Obama’s trade for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl now joins the infamous list of “Worst Trades in History.”


In the sports world there have been many legendary bad trades. Julius Irving. Kobe Bryant. Nolan Ryan. Hershel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for an entire team of players and draft picks that led to three Super Bowl victories for the Dallas Cowboys.


But the worst sports trade ever was the Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red Sox didn’t win another title for 86 years. The Yankees became the greatest American sports franchise in history. They won 7 World Championships with Babe Ruth.


It was called, “The Curse of the Bambino.”


Executives got fired for those horrible one-sided trades. Teams were embarrassed. Legends were created. Billions of dollars of franchise value was created (and lost). But none of those trades led to danger, disaster or the potential death of thousands of Americans.


Obama takes the cake. He traded one obvious deserter for five of the most cunning vicious mass murderers and America-haters in history. Mass murderers and friends of Osama bin Laden freed by America?


What did we get? A traitor who purposely walked away from his base

…who made comments about his disillusion with America…who may have converted to Islam an taught bomb making skills to the Taliban who went searching for the enemy to surrender to…whose search and rescue cost the lives of 14 heroes (his military brothers).


That’s what we traded five mass murderers for? That’s what Obama broke the law for?

The trades of Manhattan and Babe Ruth are both looking pretty good by comparison.


Keep in mind those five sworn enemies of America…mass murderers all…haven’t even gotten back on the battlefield. Yet.


But when they do, remember they were set free by our own President, to rain hell down on our American hero soldiers. Remember they were set free by our own President to plot a new 9-11 that could kill thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Americans (think dirty bomb).


The world is shocked and horrified. America’s enemies are laughing and high-fiving. Our military is demoralized. Our economy is in free fall. Our dignity and legacy is in tatters. Our reputation across the globe is shattered. One man has destroyed the once great America.


Why did Obama break the law to trade for one deserter? Why would he risk all hell breaking loose for one traitor who cost the lives of six military heroes? Two reasons:


First Obama was desperate to get the VA scandal out of the headlines. He had to change the topic away from neglect and fraud causing the death and suicide of American military vets under his leadership. How better to change the subject and erase the scandal involving abuse, neglect and even murder of military vets than by appearing to be a Commander in Chief rescuing an American military POW. Obama had delusions of grandeur- overnight going from bum to hero.


Second, my sources in military command positions tell me that the CIA reported to Obama that Bergdahl was about to go on global television to denounce America, call our military evil…and do it all in Arabic. Obama would have been humiliated. His narrative of being such a big victor over Al Queda and the Taliban would have been destroyed….in front of the whole world…live on global television.


So here was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. But it all backfired as word got out of the betrayal by this American soldier…the deaths of 14 of his military brothers…the first words of Bergdahl’s father at a White House press conference were in Arabic

…and the danger that the release of those mass murderers presents.


Forget the humiliation of selling Manhattan for $24. Forget “the Curse of the Bambino.” Forget all the humiliating trades in history. This one takes the cake. Babe Ruth is rolling over in his grave.


This is the “Curse of Barack Hussein Obama.” America may never recover.