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Obama White House Met with the IRS Chief Every 5 Days?

By June 3, 2013No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


I don’t mean to say, “I told you so.” But…


I was the first individual in the nation to warn about this IRS massive scandal- even while I was personally under IRS attack. I was the first to predict it was a widespread attack aimed at thousands of individual critics (like me) and GOP donors. I was the first to suggest it was a detailed purposeful plan, directed from the Obama White House, to target Obama’s political opponents and dry up fundraising for conservative candidates and causes.


The story gets worse by the hour. Think of what we’ve learned in the past month? Think what we’ll learn in the next month


But first the good news- I have a conclusion to my personal story. As an outspoken critic of President Obama, the IRS targeted me for intimidation and persecution–not once, but twice. The first IRS attack started in January of 2011. After I won a victory in tax court in the summer of 2012, I was audited again 5 days later. FIVE DAYS. Tax experts have never heard of this happening- EVER.


But my nightmare is finally over. Just days ago, I won again. My tax attorney just received official notice that my second audit is closed and I owe nothing…nada…zero. Again.


I’ve now survived four years of IRS attacks under Obama and come out with a perfect record. After IRS agents reviewed every line of my tax returns for four years…scouring my life to try to find something, anything…the IRS agrees that I don’t owe one cent. 


I wonder if there’s one Obama supporter in America who could survive four years of IRS audits and come out owing not one red cent?


So my case is closed. I am living proof this was a witch-hunt against conservatives and Obama critics. That much is without dispute. The real question is was Obama involved?


Well the news is not good for Obama on that front.  It turns out that the IRS Commissioner visited the Obama White House 157 times during Obama’s first term. Yes, I said one hundred and fifty seven.


Since there are only 5 working days in a week, and Obama enjoys a record-setting number of vacation weeks and golf days, in four years there were only about 800 working days. That means Obama and his socialist cabal met with the IRS Commissioner once every five days in his first term. That’s far more than any Obama cabinet member.


So the question is why would the President meet with the head of the IRS more than any cabinet member? More than his Secretary of State? More than his National Security Advisors? More than his economic Advisors (during the worst economy since 1929)? What was so important?


During this period the IRS was certainly involved in a widespread attack on groups and individuals opposed to the President. All of this happened while Obama and his cronies were meeting 157 times with the head of the IRS. Was each visit the chance to plan and followup on detailed attacks on Obama’s opponents? Or were they just gazing into each other’s eyes?


Here’s the REAL crux of the Obama IRS scandal. I knew back in the summer of 2012 that this IRS scandal was a coordinated effort to punish, intimidate and silence individual critics of Obama, and bankrupt GOP donors. Even today, it is so much bigger and deeper than anyone understands.


How did I know a year ago? Because just in my small inner circle of friends, virtually every businessman that I met was getting hit with IRS audit notices only weeks after writing checks to the GOP and Mitt Romney. Strange coincidence, huh?


In one case, a friend of mine who is a hedge fund CEO attended the first major Wall Street fundraiser for Mitt Romney. Only a select few Wall Street big shots attended. Soon almost every individual in the room reported receiving IRS audit notices.


In another case, a friend of mine wrote a big check to Romney. He called me to report his suspicions when only weeks later he received an IRS notice. He’d never gotten audited by the IRS in his life. Why now? In another case, my next-door neighbor (who is a big GOP donor) reported being under IRS attack. In another case, my accountant was suddenly audited only months after my first IRS attack. Even my publicist received an IRS audit notice.


Are you starting to see a pattern? Are you getting the picture? This is no coincidence. This is mafia-style intimidation. This is an attempt to make Obama’s opponents “sleep with the fishes.” And it should be met with prison terms and RICO statutes.


This IRS scandal was aimed at Jewish Pro Israel groups, beloved Christian ministers and men of God (Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, James Dobson), groups that believe in the U.S. Constitution. Was this religious profiling?


After Fox News published multiple commentaries by me a month ago, I was contacted by a Mormon who told me that everyone in his circle of friends and neighbors had received audit notices since Obama’s re-election. He believed Mormons were being targeted to punish Mitt Romney’s biggest supporters. 


But how could the IRS identify Mormons? He educated me that all Mormons tithe 10% of their income to the Church of Latter Day Saints. That charitable donation is clearly visible on every Mormon’s tax return. It’s actually easy for the IRS to target and persecute Mormons.


Knowing that the IRS under Obama came after famous Christian leaders and Jewish Pro Israel groups…do you doubt this persecution of Mormons could be possible? 


Almost every Mormon in Utah supported Romney. Why wouldn’t the same IRS that chose to go after conservatives like me, and Tea Parties, and Jewish Pro Israel groups, go after individual Mormons to gain revenge?


Another individual contacted me to say that his wounded warrior charity was targeted. Eventually he grew so exhausted from the questions and delays, he gave up and closed his charity. Are wounded warriors a threat to the Obama White House too?


If this is true, and Obama targeted individual critics, GOP donors, specific religions, and even wounded military heroes, then it’s the biggest scandal in American political history. It’s time for major investigations. It’s time to put people in prison. It’s time to start talking about Impeachment.