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Obama’s Gulf Crisis Response: INSANITY SQUARED!

By June 16, 2010No Comments
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More Weapons of Mass Distraction

As Ronald Reagan would say, "There you go again Obama." Obama is trying to turn a tragedy and national emergency in the Gulf into an opportunity to pass yet another massive tax that will bury our economy. Does it ever end? Every single crisis is an opportunity to raise taxes, damage business, and redistribute the wealth.

The health care crisis desperately needed someone, anyone in DC to demand tort reform. But Obama (a lawyer) never even considered tort reform. He instead saw it as a chance to "soak the rich" with a universal healthcare bill that passes massive new taxes onto stock investors, business owners, home buyers (anyone with capital gains or dividends)…and to increase Medicare taxes on everyone. Everyone except union members (Obama's most loyal voters).

Obama turned the subprime mortgage and banking crisis into an opportunity for new taxes and fees for banks and Wall Street firms (with a financial reform bill).

Obama turned the unemployment crisis into an opportunity to secretly try to jam through huge new taxes on small business owners (Sub Chapter S corporations) with a new jobs bill.

Obama turned the national debt crisis (which he helped to cause) into an opportunity for dramatic tax increases by creating a national debt commission that will soon announce recommendations for…drumroll please…massive tax increases to reduce the debt (including a VAT tax).

Obama turned the Social Security crisis into an opportunity for more taxes by creating a national commission that will soon announce recommendations for…drumroll please…massive new FICA tax increases, including the removal of the cap (on income over $106,000).

Now Obama is using the Gulf oil crisis to try to ram through "cap and trade" legislation that will greatly increase taxes and prices for all forms of energy (gas prices for your car, electric prices for your home, natural gas and home heating oil, etc) but especially hit the middle and upper classes and business owners hardest.

Has America picked up on a pattern yet? None of this has anything to do with the crisis. It's all about a Marxist plan to overwhelm the system and redistribute the wealth. The crisis' are just Obama's "opportunities." They are his WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION to provide cover for massive new taxes that take away money and power from the people…especially business owners…and hand it to big government, big unions, and Obama's masses of voters (the poor, entitlement addicts, government employees, anyone that desperately needs government to survive).